Logos 7.5 Beta 4

Logos 7.5 Beta 4 ( was released on March 08, 2017.

Logos Now


Media Tool

  • Added support for tagging User Media.


Media Tool

  • Slides support Markdown syntax. (see this Wiki Page for supported syntax.

Sermon Editor

  • Previously saved Speaker Markup styles can now be cleared.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can now be used to apply saved Speaker Markup styles. (Alt/Opt+1 through Alt/Opt+0)
  • Passage slides now have rendering options (available through options menu in the top right).
  • Added new ability to show verse numbers on rendered passage slides.

Bug Fixes

Pronunciation Tool

  • Word Lists and Root guide section now use the preferred pronunciation style. Thread


  • Resource images now display correctly. Thread
  • Bible book abbreviations in English now correctly work in resources in Simplified and Traditional UI. Thread

Sermon Editor

  • Copying and pasting text from outside the app works. Thread

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