Logos 7.5 Beta 2

Logos 7.5 Beta 2 ( was released on February 21, 2017.

Logos Now

New Features

Media Tool

  • Added support for user media uploads. (See forum post for more info)



  • Library searches can be filtered using English names for License and Edition fields no matter what language the UI is in (i.e. license:temporary OR edition:ebook).

Bug Fixes

Media Tool

  • Slides now correctly render bold, italics, and underline when two or more formatting styles are applied to the same text.


  • Fixed issue where some resources rendered with a black screen. Thread, Thread
  • When using ⌘/CTRL+F the “previous result” button now works consistently. Thread
  • Fixed syntax search incorrectly showing as unavailable.

Wikipedia Tool

  • Fixed potential Wikipedia Tool crash. Thread

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