Logos 7.5

Logos 7.5 ( was released on Monday, March 20, 2017

Logos Now

New Features

Media Tool

  • Added support for user media uploads. See this post for more info.

New Features


  • Now showing previews in My Content guide section. Thread

Sermon Editor

  • Added Speaker Markup styles that are accessed from the drop-down menu in the toolbar labeled “Speaker”. Styles can be saved for later use.
  • Passage slides now have rendering options (available through options menu in the top right).
  • Added new ability to show verse numbers on rendered passage slides.
  • Bible reference detection for passage cards is more flexible. “jn 3.16” on its own line will now be converted into a passage card.
  • Sermons can now be auto-published to SoundFaith, and include a link to the published sermon. Auto-publish is turned on by default.


  • Added a “Close all panels” button between the “Layouts” and “Help” menus.



  • Library searches can be filtered using English names for License and Edition fields no matter what language the UI is in (i.e. license:temporary OR edition:ebook). Thread


  • Closing all panels with either the “Close all panels” button or “Close All” command now saves a layout snapshot.

Sermon Editor

  • Sermons are now indexed for fields such as occasion date, venue, and series. Thread

Bug Fixes

Clippings Document

  • Fixed tag not getting added to new clippings from some resources.

Home Page

  • Fixed a crash that can sometimes occur when Faithlife Notifications are updated.

Media Tool

  • The Media Browser now correctly parses Bible references. Thread, Thread
  • Slides now correctly render bold, italics, and underline when two or more formatting styles are applied to the same text.

Program Settings

  • “Default Resource Text Size” has been changed to “Content Scaling” and moved to the Accessibility category.

Pronunciation Tool

  • Word Lists and Root guide section now use the preferred pronunciation style. Thread

Resource Panel

  • Corrected link to “Manage mobile devices” in resource panel. Thread


  • ⌘/CTRL+F now highlights the correct results. Thread, Thread
  • Improved English hyphenation. Thread, Thread, and Thread
  • Bible book abbreviations in English now correctly work in resources in Simplified and Traditional UI. Thread
  • Fixed syntax search incorrectly showing as unavailable.

Sermon Editor

  • Opening a new sermon document without making any changes no longer saves a blank document.
  • A sermon document created from a Sermon Starter Guide now auto-fills in the sermon author.

Text Comparison

  • The panel link set is now set to “Follow” for the default Passage layout.

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