Logos 7.4 RC 1

Logos 7.4 ( was released on January 30, 2017.

Bug Fixes


  • Automatically rebuild the search index if it is corrupt. Thread

Media Tool

  • Image links to Media Tool now open to the correct image. Thread
  • Fixed crash when viewing Analysis search results in NA28. Thread

Panel Settings

  • Fixed issue where ⌘ +/- and the text size slider in the panel menu had stopped working on Mac. Thread
  • Fixed issue with panel menu options not appearing on Mac. Thread


  • Navigator popup now dismisses when hitting Enter. Thread

Sermon Editor

  • Improved support for non-US date formats.
  • Ensure dates are always rendered using the appropriate time zone.
  • Using the “Apply this style to all slides,” “Apply this style to all heading slides,” and “Apply this style to all passage slides” option now preserves non-title fields.

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