Logos 7.4 Beta 4

Logos 7.4 Beta 4 ( was released January 23, 2017.

New Features

Sermon Editor

  • Slides generated by Sermon Editor now support rich formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.).
  • Multi-paragraph slides can now be created by selecting a range of text that spans multiple paragraphs and pressing the “Add slides from Selected Text” button.

Known Issues:

  • Some media use fonts that do not render Bold text distinctly from Normal text.
  • Passage and Clipping card slides do not yet use rich formatting.


Sermon Editor

  • When opening an existing in-progress sermon, Sermon Editor will use the title slide’s background to determine which template to use.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

  • Running a Bible Word Study from a resource lemma no longer crashes the app. (Mac only) Thread


  • Program Scaling set above 100% no longer causes Homepage to display incorrectly. Thread


  • More link no longer appears when there are no more results to show (also in Passage Guide). Thread, Thread

My Library

  • License field is now included when exporting library. Thread
  • My Library now correctly groups reading status and license in non-English languages. Thread

Sermon Editor

  • Text entered into Description and Private Notes no longer wrap in the middle of words.


  • Fixed issue navigating the reverse interlinear ribbon in Chinese Bibles. Thread

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