Logos 7.4 Beta 3

Logos 7.4 Beta 3 ( was released on January 16, 2017.

Known Issue: When program scaling is set to a number higher than 100% it can cause home page display issues.

New Features


  • Added Sermon section to biography-based Factbook entries.

Figurative Language

  • New Guide Section that displays Figurative Language dataset info if owned. (new for Mac)
  • Moved the Glossary Link for Type and Category to below the verse references.
  • Add a new search link for the labels.

Sermon Editor

  • Add View > Show Slides toggle to allow editing without displaying slides.
  • Content in Illustration blocks is now indexed with the `illustration` field, and can be searched using the syntax Illustration:Bike.


Sermon Editor

  • When pressing Enter in an Illustration or Blockquote paragraph, the next paragraph will be of the same type.
  • When pressing Enter on an empty Blockquote or Illustration paragraph will convert it back to Normal.
  • Consecutive Illustration blocks and Blockquote blocks now draw single, unbroken left borders.

Bug Fixes


  • Now showing a location marker when opening Atlas location in Google maps. (Thread)
  • Clicking on Morph Search no longer crashes the app. (Thread)

My Library

  • Closing a My Library panel in a floating window no longer crashes the app. (Thread)

Passage Lists

  • “Open all” button in Passage List is now disabled when there are no passages.
  • Fixed result count on first page of Ranked search when there are two pages of results (with the new search engine) (Thread)
  • My Content search results no longer fails to load previews when split across multiple pages of results.

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