Logos 7.4 Beta 2

7.4 Beta 2 ( was released on January 09, 2017.

Known Issue: Clicking on Morph Search on Mac will cause the app to crash (this was discovered after 7.4 Beta 2 was shipped.

New Features


  • Figurative Language data is now available in Guides. (Windows Only)
  • Bible Search results now display full Bible Reference. (Mac only)


  • Add items to Documents and Tools which the user doesn’t current have a license for. Can be disabled with the command “Set Show unavailable features to No”
    • Icons for Documents and Tools that are unavailable will be greyed out on Windows.


Sermon Editor

  • Add Bible version picker to passage cards.
  • Add smart text replacement. The following patterns are automatically replaced by the editor. The Undo command will restore the original text if the replacement is not desired.
    • Straight single and double quotes are replaced with smart quotes.
    • Two dashes are replaced with an emdash.
    • Three dots are replaced with an ellipsis.
    • An empty normal paragraph starting with “* ” or “- ” is converted to a bulleted list.
    • An empty normal paragraph starting with “1. ” or “1) ” is converted to a numbered list.
  • Move paragraph type toolbar buttons into a single picker dropdown.
  • Ctrl+Click on a detected reference now triggers a navigation to the reference.
  • Add fields for “occasions”. Occasions are date + venue pairs that may be used to track when and where the sermon was used.
  • Add Illustration paragraphs, which are visually similar to blockquotes.

Bug Fixes


  • Long results in Works section of Factbook now wrap properly. (Thread)


  • Improved Homepage layout display on retina displays. (There are still known issues that should be fixed in the next beta) (Thread), (Thread)
  • Reference searches are now optimized in the new search engine. (Thread)

Sermon Editor

  • Bible abbreviations are now properly included on passage slides.
  • Improve the styling and error messages displayed in the export dialog when no internet connection is available.
  • Autocomplete popup for Key Passages and Key Topics inputs is now shown more consistently. (Thread)
  • Turn off “Fill-in” style when pressing Enter to start a new paragraph.

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