Logos 7.4 Beta 1

Logos 7.4 Beta 1 ( was released on January 03, 2017.

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New Features

Bible Browser

  • RSV OT and HCSB NT reverse interlinears have been added to Bible Browser.

New Features

Reading Plans

  • Added new reading plans for 2017, as announced here: https://community.logos.com/forums/t/134439.aspx
    • Deleted the “M’Cheyne” plan that was hard-coded to only start on January 1st; it has been replaced with one that can start on any day of the year.


  • Made it easier to change the Language UI by including the name of other languages in their own language (i.e. English in Chinese UI will say English).

Bug Fixes

About Page

  • Clicking the Update Now link will update the app. (Thread), (Thread)

Copy Bible Verses

  • Text outside of <sub> </sub> is no longer subscripted when copied into Word or Notes. (Thread)

Home Page

  • Correctly display home page on app launch. (Thread), (Thread)


  • Fix bug that set the video playback speed to 0.75x (Thread)
  • Fixed links to Guides (e.g., in Courseware transcript resources) in non-English UIs.

New Search Engine

Logos Bible Software Wiki

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