Logos 7.4

Logos 7.4 ( was released on February 6, 2017.

New Features

Bible Browser

  • RSV OT and HCSB NT were added to Bible Browser.


  • Added Sermon section to biography-based Factbook entries.

Figurative Language

  • New Guide Section that displays Figurative Language dataset info if owned.

Reading Plans

  • Bible Search results now display full Bible Reference. (Mac only)

Sermon Editor

  • Added ability to hide slides during edit with View > Show Slides option.
  • Slides generated by Sermon Editor now support rich formatting (Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.).
  • Multi-paragraph slides can now be created by selecting a range of text that spans multiple paragraphs and pressing the “Add slides from Selected Text” button.
  • Added Bible version picker to passage cards.
  • Added smart text replacement. The editor will automatically replace the following patterns:
    • Straight single and double quotes are replaced with smart quotes.
    • Two dashes are replaced with an emdash.
    • Three dots are replaced with an ellipsis.
    • An empty Normal paragraph starting with “* ” or “- ” is converted to a bulleted list.
    • An empty Normal paragraph starting with “1. ” or “1) ” is converted to a numbered list.
  • Added fields for “occasions”. Occasions are date + venue pairs that may be used to track when and where the sermon was used.
  • Added new Illustration paragraph type. After using illustration paragraphs, you can search your sermons for illustrations you’ve used. Search with “illustration:bike”.

Known Issues:

  • Some media use fonts that do not render Bold text distinctly from Normal text.
  • Passage and Clipping card slides do not yet use rich formatting.


  • Add items to Documents and Tools which the user doesn’t current have a license for. Can be disabled with the command “Set Show unavailable features to No”
    • Documents and Tools that are unavailable will be grayed out.
  • Made it easier to change the Language UI by including the name of other languages in their own language (i.e. English in Chinese UI will say English).



  • Added support for new resources.

Sermon Editor

  • When opening an existing in-progress sermon document, Sermon Editor will use the title slide’s background to determine which template to use.
  • When pressing Enter in an Illustration or Blockquote paragraph, the next paragraph will be of the same type.
  • When pressing Enter on an empty Blockquote or Illustration paragraph will convert it back to Normal.
  • Consecutive Illustration paragraphs and Blockquote paragraphs now draw single, unbroken left borders.
  • Moved paragraph type toolbar buttons into a single picker dropdown.

Bug Fixes

About Page

  • Clicking the Update Now link will update the app. Thread, Thread


  • Now showing a location marker when opening Atlas location in Google maps. Thread

Copy Bible Verses

  • Text outside of <sub> </sub> is no longer subscripted when copied into Word or Notes. Thread


  • More link no longer appears when there are no more results to show (also in Passage Guide). Thread, Thread
  • Long results in Works section of Factbook now wrap properly. Thread


  • Automatically rebuild the search index if it is corrupt. Thread


  • Fixed potential QuickStart Topic Study Layout crash. Thread

Media Tool

  • Image links to Media Tool now open to the correct image. Thread
  • Fixed crash when viewing Analysis search results in NA28. Thread

My Library

  • License field is now included when exporting library. Thread
  • My Library now correctly groups reading status and license in non-English languages. Thread

Passage Lists

  • “Open all” button in Passage List is now disabled when there are no passages.


  • Navigator popup now dismisses when hitting Enter. Thread
  • Fixed links to Guides (e.g., in Mobile Ed transcript resources) in non-English UIs.
  • My Content search results no longer fails to load previews when split across multiple pages of results.

Sermon Editor

  • Text entered into Description and Private Notes no longer wrap in the middle of words.
  • Using the “Apply this style to all slides,” “Apply this style to all heading slides,” and “Apply this style to all passage slides” options now preserves non-title fields.
  • Bible abbreviations are now properly included on passage slides.
  • Improved the styling and error messages displayed in the export dialog when no internet connection is available.
  • Autocomplete popup for Key Passages and Key Topics inputs is now shown correctly. Thread
  • Pressing Enter to start a new paragraph will not turn off the Fill-In Style.


  • Fixed issue navigating the reverse interlinear ribbon in Chinese Bibles. Thread

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