Logos 7.3 Beta 1

Note: Due to the holidays we will have a shorter beta cycle for 7.3, it will ship to all users on December 19th, 2016.

Logos 7.3 Beta 1 ( was released on November 21, 2016.

Logos Now


Morph Query Documents

  • Added sync support for Morph Query documents.

New Features


  • Text copied from resources includes a ref.ly link back to Logos in the citation. This is controlled by the new Hyperlink Copied Citations option in Program Settings. (It also requires Copy Citations to be set to Yes.) (Thread)

Media Resources

  • Users can now control the playback speed of video resources. (Windows only)


  • Users can now configure and save multiview resource sets for later use.
  • Collections and mytags: can now be used within the new resource picker for use in multiview.
  • Users can now drag and drop to add and reorder muliview resource configuration.


  • New shortcut icon options have been added.

Text Comparison

  • Users can now configure and save Bible version sets for use in Text Comparison.
  • Users can now reorder the version configuration of Bibles.
  • Users can now drag and drop to add and reorder multiview resource configuration.



  • Old backup copies of named layouts are now automatically deleted on startup if they are older than 30 days, or if there are more than 10 backup copies. (Thread), (Thread) and (Thread)

Sermon Editor

  • Word count now supports Chinese.
  • Enter commits document title changes.
  • Sermon editor now respects the application’s “Check spelling while typing” setting.
  • Tab key accepts the selected autocomplete suggestion.
  • Description field now allows pasting content to replace an existing selection.
  • Autocomplete inputs now clear uncommitted text when focus is lost. This prevents confusion about what is saved.

Bug Fixes

Reader’s Edition Interlinear

  • Automatically convert lemmas from different analyses when hiding words from a word list. (Thread)

Sermon Editor

  • Text in Prompt blocks no longer contributes to the word count or speaking estimate.
  • Handout blocks are now filtered from Text view.
  • Avoid extra padding when applying formatting within a fill-in.
  • Private notes are no longer displayed in Handout view.
  • Slide icons in the toolbar would sometimes start rendering poorly. The icons should now always render the same.

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