Logos 7.2 Beta 4

Logos 7.2 Beta 4 ( was released on October 31, 2016.

Logos Now


  • Added hit highlighting to Fuzzy Bible Search results.

Bug Fixes

  • Fuzzy Bible now has a more link that will load an additional 10 items.
  • Hide Fuzzy Bible Search section for unsupported queries. Only text and phrases are supported.

Morph Query

  • Fix crash when clicking “Graph results” for morph query documents. The Graph results option is now disabled for morph query documents. (Thread)
  • Fix omission of results from some queries. (Thread) and (Thread)
  • Fix bug where some options remained present but hidden when switching resources. (Thread)
  • Be consistent in the usage of the term “segment” for queries that include Hebrew resources and “word” otherwise.
  • Highlight all grouped columns when hovering.
  • In compact mode, the popups for the relations appear below the button so they are not cut off at the top of the panel. They now have a scrollbar when there is a lot of content. (Thread)


Sermon Editor

  • Slide styles can now be updated using a “Apply this style to all Passage/Quotes” and “Apply this style to entire sermon”
  • Added the ability to export as Editible text or Fully rendered in PowerPoint export.

Bug Fixes

Media Tool

  • Applied text styles are preserved when editing a slide.


  • Fixed a bug that caused Traditional and Simplified Chinese to select the wrong bounderies. (Thread)
  • Fixed Mac UI bug that reduced space between characters when panel width becomes narrowed. (Thread)
  • Mac layouts now load when clicking on the layout title. (Thread)

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