Logos 7.2 Beta 2

Logos 7.2 Beta 2 ( was released on October 17, 2016.

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Bug Fixes

Morph Query

  • Fixed crash when creating a Visual Filter form a Morph Query document.



  • Added support for richer Biblical Entity Kinds in Concordance Tool (requires Concordance to be rebuilt.)

Courses Tool

  • Localizations for Spanish.


  • Improve notification to indicate that an application update is waiting on the indexer.

Bug Fixes

Bible Browser

  • Fixed bug preventing footnote popups from opening when the footnote was clicked
  • Fixed incorrect search results for ANY and NONE queries. (Thread)


  • Fixed crash on the word “fathom”.


  • Retry failed resource updates after the indexer finishes running. This fixes the most common cause of endless “restart application” notifications.

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