Logos 7.2 Beta 1

Logos 7.2 Beta 1 ( was released on October 10, 2016.

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New Features

Morph Grid

  • see this (Thread) for details on how this feature works.


Bible Browser

  • Added some Deuterocanonical event data for resources that include those books (e.g., NRSV, NARBE, LXX, Vulgate).

New Features


  • Selecting an inline search from the context menu in a guest resource of a multi-resource view will run the search in the same panel, rather than opening a new panel.

Sermon Editor

  • Restyle {type}: restyles slides attached to paragraphs of the same type (headings, quotes, etc.) to match the current slide’s style.
  • Restyle sermon: restyles the entire Sermon to use the best media to match the current slide’s style.


Courses Tool

  • Plans now display when users have all, part or none of the resources required.

Sermon Editor

  • Many under-the-hood improvements to data loading and undo support.

Text Comparison

  • Improved visible difference between the icons for Text Comparison “Compare Parallel Bible Versions” options. (Help File Link)

Bug Fixes


  • Results where the search string exactly matches one of the words in the result title will be promoted in the list over results that just start with the search string. (Thread)
  • Added German language support for Biblical entities.

Community Tags

  • Made suggested community tags more intelligent. (Thread)


  • Fixed a crash in the Logos 4 COM API (Thread)


  • Add panel linking to default Topic homepage layout.
  • Fixed Cookbook incorrect search sytax for Preaching Themes. (Thread)

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