Logos 7.1 Beta 4

New Features

  • Updated search cookbook for new datatypes.

Sermon Editor

  • PowerPoint export now exports editable text onto image backgrounds. The visual styling of the slides will not exactly match the previews rendered in the Sermon document, but PowerPoint users will now have more control over the final styling.



  • Allow autocompletion suggestions for Latin lemmas.
  • Fixed slow generation of auto-complete suggestions when search string contains very long words.

Media Tool

  • Added the ability to add text to non-Smart Media images.

Sermon Editor

  • Chinese and Korean IME input is now supported on Windows and Mac
  • Cmd + Left / Cmd + Right should now move to the beginning / end of line on Mac.

Bug Fixes

Bible Browser

  • Facets now display entity info in pop-up when hovered over.

Courses Tool

  • Display start and end reading markers in resources opened by clicking the screen title in Courses (next to the continue button).


  • QuickStart and Home Page layout options should remain collapsed by default once it’s closed. (Thread)

Media Tool

  • Media Tool now preserves Bible translation abbreviation when switching from a slide that lacks the field to one that does.
  • Media tool now maps body/quote and title/header fields.
  • Media tool now properly previews slides. (Thread)
  • Added ability to choose style presets for a given field
  • Fixed issue where font selector would disappear
  • Fixed issue where font size could not be changed
  • Field values will now be maintained between quote and body and also header and title fields.

Test Comparison

  • Fix horizontal scrolling resource title alignment

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