Logos 7.1 Beta 3

7.1 Beta 3

Bug Fix

Media Tool

  • Fixed bug that caused slides to render text as one line. (Thread)

Logos 7.1 Beta 2

Logos Now

New Feature

Morph Query

  • Learn more details about this new feature (here).


Media Tool

  • Fields are resizable and movable
  • Font, Font size, Font color can be changed

Known Issues

  • Font selector can disappear
  • Font size selector can stop working

Sermon Editor

  • Option + Left/Right arrow with move the cursor one word.

Bug Fixes


  • Factbook links in Bible Event Navigator now work. (Thread)


  • Fixed indexer crash on Mac. (Thread)


  • Fixed scaling on Bible Event Navigator. (Thread)
  • Prevent crash when using right-click context menu in Interactive resources. (Thread)


  • Updated error message when map is not available. (Thread)

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