Logos 7.18

Released: September 24, 2018

New Features
  • Copy Bible Verses
    • When using Copy Bible Verses, the copied Bible reference will be in the language of the Bible being copied (when possible), instead of the UI language. For example, a bilingual user running the English UI will see the reference in Spanish when copying from the RVR95. Thread
  • Notes Tool
    • Added the ability to select multiple notes using and apply bulk actions.
      • Ctrl/CMD+click to select individual notes
      • Shift+click to select a range of notes
      • Shift+up/down arrow to select a range of notes
    • Added the ability to drag and drop multiple notes.
Bug Fixes
  • Atlas
    • Fixed a crash when sending an Atlas image to a sermon when there are no existing sermon documents.
  • Sermon Documents
    • Fixed a bug that caused sermon occasion dates to be saved to the wrong date. Thread, Thread
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Favorites
    • Fixed a crash when moving a favorite into a collapsed folder. Thread, Thread

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