Logos 7.17 Beta 2

Released: July 23, 2018

Bug Fixes
  • Search
    • Fixed a bug that could omit search results when phrases were joined with the OR operator. Thread
Bug Fixes for Mac
  • Atlas Tool
    • Fixed an issue where Atlas would only display a blank screen on some older Macs. Note that this fix was achieved by allowing WebGL on hardware that has been blacklisted for WebGL by Chrome and other browsers. In our limited testing, the Atlas feature’s use of WebGL seems to run without issue, but we cannot guarantee errors will not occur. At this time, this is the best we can do for the affected hardware configurations, most notably the Intel HD 3000 GPU. For specific information about your GPU hardware and WebGL, you can navigate to chrome://gpu in Chrome. Thread, Thread, Thread
Bug Fixes for Windows
  • Program Settings
    • Fixed a bug that caused fonts not to be alphabetized in Program Settings.

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