Logos 7.15 Beta 2

Logos 7.15 Beta 2 ( was released on April 16, 2018.

New Features


  • Added search extensions for Author, Publisher, Series, MyTag, and CommunityTag in Library and Search. This allows for exact match searches using the syntax: Thread
    • {Publisher "Logos Bible Software", "Crossway", "The ""Books"" Publisher"}
    • {MyTag None}
    • {Author Any}
    • Each term must be enclosed in double quotes unless specifying Any or None.
    • If the term contains any double straight quotes, they must be escaped with an extra double quote.
    • Multiple values can be supplied by separating them with a comma (,).
    • Wildcards are not supported.
    • The term must be an exact match (including punctuation) for the desired value.
      • Quotation marks must be specified exactly as they are in the Library Catalog record; for example {Series "Expositor’s Bible"} (with a “curly” quote), not {Series "Expositor's Bible"} (with a straight quote).
      • Other punctuation must be specified exactly as it is in the Library Catalog record, e.g., {Publisher "St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology"} not {Publisher "St Paul Center for Biblical Theology"} (missing period).

Bug Fixes

  • QuickStart Layouts
    • Fixed a crash caused by certain Factbook entries. Thread

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