Logos 7.15

Released: May 14, 2018

Note: Due to an issue with web view features on systems running 32-Bit versions of Windows we have pulled this build until we can fix the issue.

New Features
  • Context Menu
    • Added support for some data types in German.
  • Home Page
    • Updated the brand icons on the Home Page sidebar ribbon.
  • My Library
    • Added search extensions for Author, Publisher, Series, MyTag, and CommunityTag in Library and Search. This allows for exact match searches using the syntax: Thread
      • {Publisher "Logos Bible Software", "Crossway", "The ""Books"" Publisher"}
      • {MyTag None}
      • {Author Any}
      • Note: Each term must be enclosed in double quotes unless specifying Any or None. The term must be an exact match (including punctuation) for the desired value. If the term contains any double quotes, they must be escaped with an extra double quote. Wildcards are not supported.
  • Sermon Editor
    • Added the Send-to-Sermon context menu item to the following:
      • Map Resources
      • Vector Atlas
      • Timeline
      • Passage Analysis
      • BWS Ring
      • Known Issue: On Mac, Timeline images are incorrectly displayed when added to a sermon.
Bug Fixes
  • Atlas Tool
    • Fixed a crash when the user’s internet connection becomes unreliable.
    • Fixed a bug that causes the Atlas tool panel to become blank. Thread
  • QuickStart Layouts
    • Fixed a crash caused by certain Factbook entries. Thread
  • Resource Panel
    • Fixed a bug that caused navigating between resources in a series to be slow. Thread, Thread
  • Sermon Editor
    • Fixed a bug that prevented sermon Speaker Styles from being saved. Thread
    • Changed the Send-to-Sermon context menu item to say “Send to ‘Sermon Title…’”
  • Topic Guide
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the application not to open panels on the right-hand side. Thread

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