Logos 7.14

Logos 7.14 ( was released on April 02, 2018.

New Features

  • Atlas Tool
    • (Online only) The Atlas tool has been completely rewritten. Below are some of the benefits of this update:
      • 100+ new maps, with more coming
      • Regional shading
      • Added arrows to story map paths
      • Users can now rotate and tilt maps with the keyboard shortcuts listed below:
        • Shift + Right-click + Drag mouse = this can be used to both rotate and tilt the map
        • CTRL/CMD + Click Drag mouse = this can be used to measure distances between two locations
        • Shift + Right Arrow = rotate counter-clockwise
        • Shift + Left Arrow = rotate clockwise
        • Shift + Up Arrow = tilt up
        • Shift + Down Arrow = tilt down


  • Media Tool
    • Added various stability improvements to the Media Tool.
  • Sign-In
    • Updated the log-in screen brand icons.

Application Changes

  • Guide Sections
    • The sermoncentral.com section has been removed from Guides.
    • Changed all mentions of SoundFaith to Faithlife Sermons.
  • OS Support
    • (Mac only) Dropped support for macOS 10.10. Thread

Bug Fixes

  • Command Box
    • The application no longer hangs when typing/pasting incomplete ref.ly URLs into the command box.
  • Localization
    • Lemma glosses now fall back to English when a translation is not available for the application’s current language.
  • Search
    • The application no longer hangs with certain proximity searches. Thread
  • Sermon Editor
    • Fixed a problem where the previous auto-publish setting was occasionally ignored for new sermons.
    • The Send-to-Sermon context menu item is now available for images from the Factbook media section and Media Tool edit mode.
    • The Send-to-Sermon context menu item now displays the name of the sermon document where the image is being sent.
  • Reading View
    • (Mac only) Shortened the duration of the fade animation when transitioning to/from Reading View.
    • (Mac only) Pop-ups now work when resources are in Reading View.

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