Logos 7.13

Logos 7.13 ( was released on February 21, 2018.

Known Issue: (Windows only) There is a potential crash on startup during a fresh installation. We are investigating the issue. Relaunching the application will resume the downloading and indexing of resources.

Logos Now

Sermon Editor

  • Added a Send-to-Sermon option to the context menu for images in Media Resources, Factbook, and Media Search.

New Features

Exegetical Guide

  • Morphological data in the Word-by-Word section is now localized in German.

Home Page

  • Added a tile with links to QuickStart Layouts.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1 will now be installed when the application is installed.

Media Tool

  • Smart Media thumbnails are now rendered in localized UI language.
  • The “New Search Engine” is now used for some OR queries (e.g., faith OR hope OR love).


Command Box

  • Improved performance for listing suggestions in the Command Box.


  • Updated application localization.

Bug Fixes

Context Menu

  • Fixed the Preaching Theme search query generated by the context menu.

Courses Tool

  • Mobile Ed Courses now show up in the Courses Tool when in a non-English UI.


  • Subsections of the Grammatical Constructions section are now correctly aligned.

Media Tool

  • Switching between browse and edit mode no longer removes the current UI language facet.


  • Multiple adjacent spaces and leading/trailing spaces are no longer permitted in user-added resource tags or guide template titles.

Sermon Editor

  • The cursor is no longer misplaced when the focus is returned after changing Bible versions in a Passage Card. Thread


Visual Filters

  • Fixed a crash with Passage List Visual Filters.

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