Logos 7.10 Beta 1

Logos 7.10 Beta 1 (

Known Issue: Beta 1 will only download for Windows users running recent builds of windows 10. We will be correcting this in Beta 2 and would prefer to have users who don’t auto download Beta 1 to hold off for Beta 2 so we can ensure that the update process works as expected.

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New features

Faithlife Assistant

  • Faithlife Assistant a new tool in the Logos desktop app. See this forum post for more information.

Guide Section

  • Added a new Guide section for Faithlife Music which is a service that provides more information on songs related to the passage or preaching theme being studied.

New Features

Concordance Tool

  • Added the ability to “Keep this concordance” within the History menu.


  • Added “Save as Passage List” feature to the Cultural Concepts Bible results.
  • Added ability to filter your preferred Bible to the Cultural Concepts Bible results.
  • Added new NOT operators: NOT INTERSECTS, NOT BEFORE, NOT AFTER, NOT WITHIN, NOT NEAR. See this forum post for more information. Thread

Sermon Editor

  • Added a new Outline View accessible from the view dropdown.
  • Added a new Slides only view accessible from the toolbar.



  • Added new command to the Command Bar to turn on and off the new Windows option described here.
    • Set use Ngen to Yes/No


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL/CMD+Shift+T now reopens a panel to its original location. Thread
  • CTRL/CMD+T now opens a new tab from a blank layout or the Home Page.

Pronunciation Tool

  • Pressing the Enter key will now play selected pronunciation.

Media Tool

  • When cycling through media videos, thumbnails are displayed instead of automatically launching a web browser.

Bug Fixes

Home Page

Media Tool

  • Multi-Page media sets now download and display the first time. Thread


  • Fixed bug that caused some selected text to not correctly display in the Print/Export window.

Resource Panel

  • Removed unnecessary instances of Show word-by-word indicator from the panel menu. (Mac only)


  • Fixed crash when right clicking in Lexham Hebrew Bible: Cantillation Analysis Graphs. Thread


  • Fixed some situations where the app can hang. Thread

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