Logos 7.10

Logos 7.10 ( was released on October 16, 2017.

Logos Now

New features

Faithlife Assistant

  • Faithlife Assistant is a new tool in the Logos desktop app. See this forum post for more information.

Guide Section

  • Added a new Faithlife Music Guide section that shows results from https://music.faithlife.com providing more information on songs related to the passage or preaching theme studied.

Sermon Editor

  • Users can now copy and paste images from Logos Resources, the web, Media Tool, and their desktop into Sermon Documents as new slides. Copy and paste from the desktop will only work on Mac.

New Features

Concordance Tool

  • Added the ability to “Keep this concordance” within the History menu.


  • Added “Save as Passage List” feature to the Cultural Concepts Bible results.
  • Added ability to filter your preferred Bible to the Cultural Concepts Bible results.
  • Added new NOT operators: NOT INTERSECTS, NOT BEFORE, NOT AFTER, NOT WITHIN, NOT NEAR. See this forum post for more information. Thread

Sermon Editor

  • Added a new Outline View (accessible from the view drop-down).
  • Added a new Slides only view (available from the toolbar).



  • (Windows only) Added a new command to the Command Box to turn on and off the new Windows option described here.
    • Set use Ngen to Yes/No


  • (Mac only) Allow usage of integrated GPU for web-based features. Thread, Thread



  • (Windows only) Updated installers so users running Windows versions that cannot support .NET 4.7 will not update to Logos 7.10. See this forum post for more info.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • CTRL/CMD+Shift+T now reopens a panel to its original location. Thread
  • CTRL/CMD+T now opens a new tab from a blank layout or the Home Page.

Media Tool

  • When cycling through media videos, thumbnails are displayed instead of automatically launching a web browser.

Pronunciation Tool

  • Pressing the Enter key will now play selected pronunciation.


Program Settings

  • Removed the “Default (Logos 4)” font from the application; we no longer have a license to distribute this font.

Bug Fixes

Graph Bible Results

  • (Mac only) Fixed a bug that prevented Graph Bible Results from working. Thread

Home Page

Media Tool

  • Multi-Page media sets now download and display the first time. Thread
  • Fixed bug where some videos would fail to open in web browser.


  • Fixed bug that caused some selected text to display in the Print/Export window incorrectly.

Reading Plans

  • Fixed bug that prevented sharing reading plans with Faithlife Groups.

Resource Panel

  • (Mac only) Removed unnecessary instances of Show word-by-word indicator from the panel menu.


  • Fixed crash when right-clicking in Lexham Hebrew Bible: Cantillation Analysis Graphs. Thread


  • Fixed some situations where the app can hang. Thread

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