Logos 6.9 SR-1

Bug Fixes


Collapsing elements on the side bar of Atlas and closing the window via the red close button on Mac will no longer crash the app.

Home Page

Fixed bug that caused the Commentaries to not function correctly on Custom Homepage searches.


Fixed bug that prevented the sections to reorder by dragging and dropping the headers in the Information Panel on Mac. (Thread.)
Fixed bug when Corresponding Words Visual Filter prevented Information Panel from updating when both were set to hover on Mac. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that caused the Pronunciation Tool to play the wrong sounds in Information pane for Greek Audio Pronunciations Dataset (Koine).

Resource Panel

Fixed issue that caused the stereoscopic image display button in LLS:STEREOIMGME to not work on Mac.

Fixed bug that displayed underscores in multiword lemma tooltips.

Sentence Diagram

Fixed a bug that prevented editing the title of a sentence diagram. Mac only.


Fixed bug that caused the Hyperlinks to other articles to show as raw URIs.

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