Logos 6.9 RC 1

Logos 6.9 RC 1 ( was released on January 18, 2016.

Logos Now

Custom Home Page Layouts

Fixed a bug that would crash the software if the Go button was double clicked for a search.

Bug Fixes

Copy Bible Verses

Fixed crash when editing or creating a new style in the Copy Bible Verses tool on Mac. (Thread.)

Corresponding Words

Fixed bug that caused the Corresponding Words Visual Filter can’t be set to Click if Hover is selected on Mac.


Fixed bug that caused the Template type dropdown to be empty in Guide Template Editor on Mac.


Fixed bug that caused highlighting styles to not be displayed in grey text boxes in LLS:ESVSB. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that caused the ✣ character in LLS:BHQCAPP to not display correctly in Information panel.


Fixed a bug where the software wouldn’t respect local computer time when searching for updated date. (Thread)

Fixed a bug that caused a crash when using Popular Highlights with Visual Copy on Mac.

Search Engine

WITHIN 0 WORDS search is no longer broken in KJV1900. (Thread.)
Note: LLS:KJV1900
needs to be updated to the newer version 2015-12-17T17:19:53Z


Fixed a patching error when downloading new resources and updating existing resources resulting in “Catastrophic failure” in the log. (Thread)

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