Logos 6.9 Beta 4

Logos 6.9 Beta 4 ( was released on January 11, 2016.

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Biblical Theologies Guide Section

Added a new section to passage-based Guides which provides results from Biblical Theology resources and functions similarly to other sections such as Systematic Theologies and Confessional Documents.

  • Results can be viewed by Subject or Resource.
  • Subject categories are Prolegomena, Theology Proper, Bibliology, Christology, Pneumatology, Soteriology, Anthropology, Hamartiology, and Other.
  • Resource groups are Johannine Literature, New Testament, Old Testament, Pauline Epistles, Reference, Thematic, and Whole Bible.

Hebrew Bible Manuscript Explorer

This interactive allows you to explore all sorts of data about manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible.See the About panel in the interactive for more detailed documentation on contents and scope.

Lemma in Passage

Fixed bug that caused conversion between morphological analysis to not be supported in Lemma in Passage. (Thread.)

New Features

My Library

Added support for “Updated Date” in Library Catalog query. (Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread and Thread.)
Note: The current syntax doesn’t support ranges (e.g., “updated in last 7 days”).
Example searches that are supported:

  • updateddate:2015
  • updateddate:2015-01-26
  • updateddate:20150126
  • updateddate:<Jan 2015>
  • updateddate:<Jan 26, 2015>
  • updateddate:<Jan-May 2014>
  • updateddate:<Date greater Jan 1, 2014>

Bug Fixes

Ask the Author

Fixed a bug where the software could crash when trying to use Ask the Author with a hidden resource.

Fixed typos in the Search Suggestions. (Thread)

Removed Send to Inline Search from the Panel Menu since it was causing a crash. (Thread)

Context Menu

Fixed bug that caused “Forty” to be tagged with “Adjective Satellite”. It is now correctly tagged as “Adjective”. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the Context Menu to omit referent data.

Interactive Resources

Fixed bug that caused the links that navigate to the Biblical People Visual Timelines and Canon Comparison interactives to be incorrect.


Fixed a bug where a returned resource saved in a Layout could crash the software. (Thread)


Fixed bug where there were no tool tips when hovering over the resource titles in Prioritize view on Mac. (Thread and Thread.)

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug that caused the Table of Contents to resize with the Resource Text Size slider in the Panel Menu.
Fixed a bug where the previous resource information could display when changing between parallel resources. (Thread), (Thread)
Fixed bug that caused “All parallel resources” to be missing from the parallel resources menu. (Thread and Thread.)

Fixed bug that caused the Syntax Search document to add an “af” in front of Hebrew lemmas and give zero search results on Mac. (Thread.)

Visual Filters

Fixed a bug that caused the software to crash when scrolling through expanded visual filters. (Thread), (Thread)

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