Logos 6.9 Beta 1

Logos 6.9 Beta 1 ( was released on December 22, 2015.

Logos Now

Custom Home Page Layouts

Added the ability to replace the default layouts that open when opening links from the Home Page, such as from the “Go” box or opening links to a lectionary or reading plan.
To save a custom layout, create the layout (from the defaults or from scratch), click the Layouts button, hover the mouse over the type of layout you are customizing, click the downward arrow and select “Replace with current layout”. From this menu you can also restore the default layouts.
Custom layouts can be saved for:

  • Go to Bible Reading – Bible passages from a Reading Plan
  • Go to Passage – entering a passage in the “Go” box
  • Go to Search – when running a search from the “Go” box
  • Go to Topic – when entering a query in the “Go” box and selecting an item from the dropdown
  • Go to Lectionary Reading – Bible passages from a lectionary

Lemma in Passage

Divided the results for this Guide section into “Lemmas in Reference” and “Other Lemmas”.

  • “Lemmas in Reference” performs as previously, giving hits on where a lemma is quoted from a Bible reference in another resource such as a commentary.
  • “Other Lemmas” provides results for lemmas which are discussed in a resource but not quoted directly from the original source material.

The Lemma in Passage service now provides Lemma data in the Context Menu for resources that aren’t tagged with lemma information, such as “A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek New Testament”.

Sympathetic Notes

Improved performance opening the Visual Filters menu for users with a large quantity of notes.

Visual Filters

Improved the performance of the Passage List Visual Filter with extremely large numbers of passage lists.

New Features

Context Menu

Added several items to the Context Menu:

  • Added Copy option to the Morph tab
  • Sermon Themes tab is now listed in the right side
  • Literary Typing tab is now listed in the right side
  • Labels (Personal and Logos) tabs are now listed in the right side
  • Added Copy and Search options to the Labels tab


Added a new “Interactives” guide section to Passage Guide, Sermon Starter Guide, and Topic Guide. This section provides links to relevant interactive resources for the given guide key.
A few examples:

  • A Topic Guide on “Temple” will give several results from Before and After: Biblical Sites
  • A Sermon Starter Guide on “Law: Ten Commandments” will have a link to Counting the Ten Commandments
  • A Passage Guide on Exodus 20 will give links to articles on ancient altars and priestly garments from Interactive Infographics from the Faithlife Study Bible


Personal Labels are now listed in the “Other References” section of the Information panel.

Psalms Explorer

Added Panel Linking functionality to the Psalms Browser. (Thread)

Resource Panel

Added support for panel linking to the following tools:

  • Atlas – links with Bible references and entities
  • Factbook – links with Biblical entities
  • Media Browser – links with Bible references and entities
  • Visual Copy – links with Bible references and entities
  • Wikipedia – links with Factbook

Search history now includes the reference range searched in the title of the history item.

  • This includes the History tool as well as the downward arrow in the top-right corner of the Search panel.


The command “update resources” now also triggers a download of the most recent license file as well.
Removed the dependency on BITS for downloading resources and program updates.

Bug Fixes

Community Tags

Removed context menu options for Community Tags that would yield no results.


Fixed a bug that reverted the display setting on Library after restarting the software. This bug only affected the pop up Library not when the Library was accessed in a floating window or when opened in a new tab.


Fixed a bug that caused the software to crash when creating a new notes database for a first time launch.

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