Logos 6.8 RC 1

Logos 6.8 RC 1 ( was released on December 8, 2015.

Logos Now

New Testament Use of the Old Testament Interactive

Fixed issue which prevented the proper recognition of preferred resources for NT and LXX references. (Thread)

Lemma in Passage

Fixed a bug where Lemma in Passage did’t respect the collection restriction. (Thread)

Reader’s Edition Interlinear

Fixed issue preventing the Reader’s Edition Interlinear from working in non-Lexham interlinear resources. (Thread)

New Features

Context Menu

Selecting “Search this resource” or “Search this resource (inline)” for a Label search from the Context Menu will now run Bible Search automatically if run from a Bible. (Thread)

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed issue with result count on a BWS for “worship”.

Fixed an issue where the Verse filter didn’t list the results in canonical order (Thread)


Fixed issue where the DBL Hebrew would give duplicate definitions in the Info panel.

Fixed a display issue that removed columns from the Analysis view (Thread)


Fixed issue where previous Search settings were being retained incorrectly, such as causing “Search this resource” to search incorrect resources. (Thread, Thread)

Shortcut Bar

Fixed potential crash when dragging a resource from the Command Box to the Shortcut Bar after adding a guest resource. (Thread)

Visual Filters

Changed the name of several “Sympathetic” filters to “Corresponding” to clarify their function:

  • “Sympathetic highlighting” is now “Corresponding selection”
  • “Sympathetic notes” is now “Corresponding notes and highlights”
  • “Sympathetic search results” is now “Corresponding search results”

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