Logos 6.8 Beta 4

Logos 6.8 Beta 4 ( was released on December 1, 2015.

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Command Box

Added command “set Show Passage List Visual Filter to yes/no”. This command enables users who are having severe slowness because of the Passage List Visual Filter the ability to disable this functionality.

Corresponding Words

Fixed potential crash with the Corresponding Words visual filter when opening links to the Unseen Realms companion website. (Thread)
Fixed a bug where Lexham English LXX didn’t work properly with the Corresponding Words Visual Filter. (Thread)

Reader’s Edition Interlinear

Fixed a bug where a word is composed of multiple lemmas, the interlinear information should be visible if any of the terms match the filter. (Thread)
Fixed a bug that caused the word frequency setting to be remembered after closing and reopening an applicable resource.

Bug Fixes

Lemma in Passage

Fixed a crash when modifying the collection you were searching. (Thread)

Passage List

In situations where “Save as Passage List” would result in a blank document, the option has been removed from the Context Menu. (Thread)
“Save as Passage List” from the Context Menu for selections with references will now properly assign a title to the created Passage List. (Thread)
“Save as Passage List” from Guide sections will now properly include the name of the Guide. (Thread)

Personal Books

Improved performance of Personal Books panel on Mac. (Thread)

Program Settings

Fixed bug in Copy Footnotes As setting which prevented Text from copying properly on Word 2013/2016.

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug that caused the Scroll Bar Bookmarks to disappear upon closing a resource. (Thread)

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