Logos 6.8 Beta 2

Logos 6.8 Beta 2 ( was released on November 17, 2015.

Logos Now


The “Lemma in Passage” section is now added to Bible Word Study and Exegetical Guide by default. It can still be added to Passage Guide.
“Lemma in Passage” can now be added to Guides multiple times, and the Settings menu allows you to choose different collections for each.

Passage Lists

Added an “Open all” button to Passage Lists. This will open all passages in the document as a Passage List visual filter in the resource.

  • In the case of multiple versions in one document, this button will open them all in the first version listed.
  • Viewing the list in wide view, where passages are listed in columns, clicking the hyperlinked version title in the column header will open the PL visual filter for that resource, instead of the first listed.

New Features


Added the updated SBL Citation as “SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd ed.”. The old SBL style is retained as “SBL Handbook of Style, 1st ed.”. (Thread)

Bug Fixes

Passage Guide

Changed reference handling in Ancient Literature section to not merge references into just the book, thus losing more precise references. (Thread)

Personal Books

Fixed crash when closing the Personal Books panel on Mac.


Removed the 100 page print/export limit for the Logos Help resources.

Reference Range Picker

Fixed bug where saved reference ranges could only be deleted from the panel in which they were created.
Fixed bug where the red X to delete a saved reference range wasn’t appearing on mouseover on Mac.

Resource Panel

Fixed issue which was preventing hover popups from appearing when mousing over references or footnotes. (Thread)

Visual Filter

Fixed a bug where you couldn’t delete custom reference ranges on Mac.

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