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Items in this section are available with a Logos Now subscription. Improvements and bug fixes listed further down are freely available to all users.

Command Box

Added command “set Show Passage List Visual Filter to yes/no”.

  • This command serves as a workaround for users experiencing severe slowness caused by large numbers of Passage Lists.

Corresponding Notes & Highlights Visual Filter

This visual filter shows notes and highlights attached to other resources as if they had been attached to the active resource (e.g. highlights in SBLGNT can be shown in any translation with a reverse interlinear).

  • Not enabled by default, and only an option in word numbered resources (e.g. original language Bibles or modern Bibles with reverse interlinears).
  • Corresponding highlights are not searchable, they are only for display.
  • Corresponding notes and highlights cannot be erased or removed. They can be hidden by disabling the visual filter, or removed via the note document or the attached resource.

Corresponding Words

Added the “Same word” option for the Corresponding Words visual filter, which highlights equivalent word numbers.
Fixed potential crash with the Corresponding Words visual filter when opening links to the Unseen Realms companion website. (Thread)
Fixed a bug where Lexham English LXX didn’t work properly with the Corresponding Words Visual Filter. (Thread)


Added a Deuterocanonical Dataset which enables Reported Speech, Speakers, and Addressees for Deuterocanonical resources.

Lemma in Passage

Note that this feature requires an internet connection, as data is provided by a Logos service.

Added a new section which features lemmas which are discussed in a resource, as opposed to used in a resource. For example, a commentary discussing the use of ἀγαπάω instead of just searching for when ἀγαπάω is used in the original language texts.
This section appears in the Exegetical Guide and Bible Word Study, and can be added to Passage Guide. It has a different function between PG/EG and BWS:
Passage Guide/Exegetical Guide:

  • Provides lemmas discussed for a given reference range.
  • Results can be viewed by Lemma or by Resource.
  • Results are sorted by count, and list the lemma alongside the context in which it’s discussed.

Bible Word Study:

  • Provides discussions of a lemma in commentaries ordered by Bible reference.
  • Results can be viewed by Passage or Resource, and are grouped and ordered by Biblical book.
  • The results in the Lemma in Passage section will have heading levels. Results viewed under Passages will then be sub-grouped by Resource, and vice versa. (Thread)

Multiple Resources

Fixed a bug where the Multiple Resources button would disappear if you had applied a filter and changed to a parallel resource.
Fixed an issue where shortcut keys for Highlighting weren’t working in guest resources. (Thread)
Fixed an issue where guest resources with dynamic text (Faithlife Study Bible) didn’t reflect the text in the host resource. (Thread)
Fixed bug where enabling the Bible Text Only visual filter caused commentaries added as guest resources to be blank. (Thread)

New Testament Use of the Old Testament Interactive

Fixed issue which prevented the proper recognition of preferred resources for NT and LXX references. (Thread)

Passage Lists

Added an “Open all” button to Passage Lists. This will open all passages in the document as a Passage List visual filter in the resource.

  • In the case of multiple versions in one document, this button will open them all in the first version listed.
  • Viewing the list in wide view, where passages are listed in columns, clicking the hyperlinked version title in the column header will open the PL visual filter for that resource, instead of the first listed.

Personal Letters

Added the “Personal Letters” section to Passage Guide. This section provides links and information for resources which contain personal letters from notable authors, grouped by collection.

  • This section also appears in Factbook as the “Letters” section.
  • More resources that support these sections will be available soon.

Reader’s Edition Interlinear

This tool enables users to hide interlinear information for most commonly used words and for words in a given word list. This is geared to help you learn to read original languages more naturally. This works only with original language interlinears.

New Features

Updated search suggestions to reflect the updated functionality within the software including:

  • Psalms Explorer Dataset
  • Proverbs Explorer Dataset
  • Bible Books Supplemental Dataset
  • Bullinger’s Figures of Speech


Added the updated SBL Citation as “SBL Handbook of Style, 2nd ed.”. The old SBL style is retained as “SBL Handbook of Style, 1st ed.”. (Thread)

Context Menu

Selecting “Search this resource” or “Search this resource (inline)” for a Label search from the Context Menu will now run Bible Search automatically if run from a Bible. (Thread)
Added Sermon Themes and Literary Typing data to the Context Menu.
Added Morph Phrase Searching to Inline Search for original language resources.
Added the ability to copy user-created Labels to the Context Menu
Added the ability to search for user-created Labels from the Context Menu.

Updated search suggestions to reflect the updated functionality within the software including:

  • Language
  • Tags
  • Factbook
  • Preaching Theme

Program Settings

Added Copy Footnotes As setting. This setting has the following options:

  • Auto – Footnotes will be copied to the clipboard in a format compatible with most word processors.
  • Footnotes – Footnotes will be copied as footnotes. This requires full footnote support in the target application.
  • Text – Footnotes will be copied as regular text. This works well with applications that don’t support footnotes.

Reference Range Picker

Improved the reference range picker (“All passages” dropdown in Bible Search, Morph Search, etc.) to function more similarly to the resource picker.

  • You can now enter a custom reference range in the upper entry box, and a button to “Save” will appear.
  • Previously saved custom ranges will be retained from the previous picker implementation.
  • Note: The reference range picker for Reading Plans and Concordance have not yet been updated.

Inline Search and Search with “Send searches here” enabled will now retain specified reference ranges and search kinds when searching from the Context Menu.

  • For example, setting a search to be only within 1 Peter and then searching a new lemma from the Context Menu will now keep the 1 Peter range, rather than searching all of the NT as it would previously.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed issue with result count on a BWS for “worship”.
Fixed bug which caused the Senses section to not be properly limited by the selected reference range. (Thread)


With “Copy Citations” enabled in Program Settings, Citations will be automatically added for selections longer than 25 characters. This is noted in the hovertip for the setting.

  • The required length was previously 50 characters.

Fixed an issue where the Verse filter didn’t list the results in canonical order. (Thread)

Copy and Paste

Removed the 50 character restriction on adding a footnote to create a more consistent user experience.


Fixed a bug where this tool didn’t retain your progress when changing between courses.
Fixed a bug that made the video panel navigate to the table of contents when scrolling through the course.
Fixed a bug where the tool defaulted to the DIY Study Bible instead of the last viewed course.


Fixed potential crash when highlighting. (Thread)

Home Page

Fixed bug which prevented in-app links from the Home Page (Reading Plans, etc.) from opening when clicked. (Thread)


Fixed issue where the DBL Hebrew would give duplicate definitions in the Info panel.

Fixed a display issue that removed columns from the Analysis view (Thread)


Fixed a crash when pasting bad data from the clipboard into a note.

Passage Guide

Changed reference handling in Ancient Literature section to not merge references into just the book, thus losing more precise references. (Thread)

Passage List

In situations where “Save as Passage List” would result in a blank document, the option has been removed from the Context Menu. (Thread)
“Save as Passage List” from the Context Menu for selections with references will now properly assign a title to the created Passage List. (Thread)
“Save as Passage List” from Guide sections will now properly include the name of the Guide. (Thread)
Fixed crash when selecting “Copy to clipboard” from Print/Export in a Passage List. (Thread)

Personal Books

Improved performance of Personal Books panel on Mac. (Thread)
Fixed crash when closing the Personal Books panel on Mac.


Removed the 100 page print/export limit for the Logos Help resources.

Program Settings

Fixed bug in “Copy Footnotes As” setting which prevented Text from copying properly on Word 2013/2016.

Reference Range Picker

Fixed bug where saved reference ranges could only be deleted from the panel in which they were created.
Fixed bug where the red X to delete a saved reference range wasn’t appearing on mouseover on Mac.

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug that caused the Scroll Bar Bookmarks to disappear upon closing a resource. (Thread)
Fixed issue which was preventing hover popups from appearing when mousing over references or footnotes. (Thread)
Fixed issue where the state of the Interlinear pane wasn’t being preserved. (Thread, Thread)
Fixed an issue where the Word by Word indicator didn’t follow along with the Greek Audio New Testament.
Fixed bug where hovering over resource tabs didn’t display the Resource Tip information.


Fixed issue where previous Search settings were being retained incorrectly, such as causing “Search this resource” to search incorrect resources. (Thread, Thread)
Fixed a bug where Syriac wasn’t displaying properly on search results. (Thread)

Shortcut Bar

Fixed potential crash when dragging a resource from the Command Box to the Shortcut Bar after adding a guest resource. (Thread)

Smart Tags

Fixed Logos Smart Tag registration on Windows for 32 bit Office.


Fixed Updater to wait until Indexing has finished when installing application updates.
Fixed issue where the message “Checking for updates...” would not appear when changing update channels. (Thread)
Fixed an issue where Logos wouldn’t open after updating.

Visual Filters

Changed the name of several “Sympathetic” filters to “Corresponding” to clarify their function:

  • “Sympathetic highlighting” is now “Corresponding selection”
  • “Sympathetic notes” is now “Corresponding notes and highlights”
  • “Sympathetic search results” is now “Corresponding search results”

Fixed a bug where you couldn’t delete custom reference ranges on Mac.

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