Logos 6.7 Beta 3

Logos 6.7 Beta 3 ( was released on October 12, 2015.

Due to a bug in Beta 2’s installer, Beta 3 will have to be updated manually from the installer on Mac. This issue has been resolved, and future releases can be updated automatically.

Logos Now

Passage Guide

The new Confessional Documents section is now properly added to Passage Guide by default. (Thread)

New Features


Labels applied to Notes with attachment points will now display those labels in the Context Menu and Information tool for words in that text range.

Bug Fixes


Fixed potential crash when adding a hyperlink in a Note on Mac. (Thread)

Resource Panel

Fixed crash when using the Locator Bar to navigate Inline Search results in ESV. (Thread)
Fixed issue where navigating between resources in a collection via Parallel Resources would not persist the choice of collection. (Thread)

Fixed potential crash when running a search. (Thread)


Fixed issue with multiple Indexers listed in Task Manager on Windows. (Thread)

Word Lists

Fixed bug where the contents of deleted Word Lists were removed before sync, resulting in blank word lists if undeleted from documents.logos.com. (Thread)

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