Logos 6.7 Beta 2

Logos 6.7 Beta 2 ( was released on October 5, 2015.

New Features

Interactive Resources

Added ‘Acts Part 2’ to the Narrative Character Maps Interactive.

Resource Panel

Scrolling or moving through multiple resources in a linkset has been improved. The verses will now line up correctly across multiple Bibles.

Added ‘Send to Inline Search’ command to the Search panel’s panel menu, just after “Print/Export”.

  • This command will only appear when the search is run against a single resource.
  • A new panel will always open for this command, even if the resource panel is already open.
  • When there are multiple resources added to the results view (that is, in Verses view of Bible search) then the new panel opens with a multiview configuration that matches the version columns in the results view.

Visual Copy

Added functionality for recently used slides to move to the top of the list.

Visual Filters

Added Passage Lists to the Visual Filters menu.
Added support for the new visual filter ‘Sympathetic search results’ in Inline Search.

  • Guest resources always show sympathetic search results for their host inline search, even when the visual filter is not enabled on the host resource.

Bug Fixes


Lexicon reformatting fields in refinement column are now hidden. (Thread.)


When viewing a Reading Plan that’s behind schedule in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), the ‘Behind’ image will now be correctly translated instead of appearing in English.

Multiview Resources

When using multiple dictionaries only dictionaries with matching headwords are displayed. (Thread)

Resource Panel

Fixed crash when right-clicking English (or any non-morph) text in a morph resource.
Fixed bug that caused the reformat search fields to appear in the resource information panel for LLS:46.30.16.(Thread.)

Visual Copy

Fixed bug that caused the buttons for ‘Fit’ and ‘Actual’ to not work on Windows.

Visual Filters

Fixed crash when using the “Close All” command when there is a resource open with sympathetic search results. (Thread.)

Known Issues

These issues have been reported, but didn’t make the deadline for Beta 2. They will be fixed in a future beta.

Doing a Basic Search with the search parameters set to Everything will crash the app.


Adding a hyperlink to a Note and then clicking to exit the hyperlink box crashes the app. (Thread)


The app can crash when trying to navigate between resources in a serial association.
The app can crash when right-clicking partially-tagged morph text (e.g., in HDNTESV).

Word Lists

Adding to a word list from another word list can crash.

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