Logos 6.7 Beta 1

Logos 6.7 Beta 1 ( was released on September 29, 2015.

Logos Now


Added a new Guide section “Confessional Documents”.

  • New passage-based section working on various church and conciliar documents and resources that discuss them.

Multiple Resources

Fixed bug that caused a resource shortcut saved with no guest resources to open with guests.

Visual Filters

Changed display for “Update on click” mode for the Corresponding Words visual filter to be a clearer setting.

New Features

Context Menu

Added new Context Menu commands that add the ability to highlight short phrases and open a Morph search for the string of lemmas or a string of lemmas with morphology.

Added previous searches to the Resource Panel History section.


Added the option Print as shown on screen and Print as minimized list when printing Passage Lists.

Visual Filter

Added new visual filter “Sympathetic search results”.

  • Similar to Sympathetic Highlighting, this filter will show Search hits in all open reverse-interlinear enabled Bibles when searching one of them.
  • Sympathetic search results works when the search is run from a search panel, but not from an inline search.
  • It is not enabled by default, and is only an option in word numbered resources (e.g. original language Bibles or modern Bibles with reverse interlinears).
  • Sympathetic search results only show in resources that weren’t included in the search (i.e. searching All Resources won’t show sympathetic search results)

Bug Fixes


Right-clicking and selecting “Copy” in the Ancient Literature, Cultural Concepts and Outlines sections will now correctly copy and paste the text. (Thread.)

Fixed issue where Inline Search defaulted to “Verse” navigation in non-versified resources. (Thread)

Media Resources

Fixed issue where the ESV would not automatically play the next audio when using Read Aloud with David Cochran Heath narrator.

Resource Panel

Fixed bug that caused the resource information hover tip to not display when hovering over the tab title on Windows. (Thread.)

Fixed crash when searching for “ANDEQUALS” inside phrase.
Fixed crash when dragging a search result to a Bibliography document. (Thread.)

Visual Filter

Fixed bug where the Corresponding Words Visual Filter was highlighting hyperlinks.

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