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Items in this section are available with a Logos Now subscription. Improvements and bug fixes listed further down are freely available to all users.


Lexicon reformatting fields in refinement column are now hidden.


Added a new Guide section “Confessional Documents”.

  • New passage-based section working on various church and conciliar documents and resources that discuss them.

Multiple Resources

Fixed bug that caused a resource shortcut saved with no guest resources to open with guests.
Fixed issue where particular settings between Multiple Resources and Visual Filters could severely impact performance. (Thread, Thread)
When using multiple dictionaries only dictionaries with matching headwords are displayed. (Thread)

Names of God Interactive

Fixed issue where Hebrew text was being displayed left-to-right instead of right-to-left. (Thead)

Synopsis of Samuel, Kings, Chronicles

New interactive which highlights parallels between Old Testament books side-by-side with sympathetic highlighting and multi-column layout.

  • Supports different Bible versions via resource selection dropdown.
  • Books displayed in the interactive can be toggled and sorted for easier navigation.

Visual Filters

Added Passage Lists to the Visual Filters menu.

  • Selecting a Passage List to use as a visual filter will restrict the resource text to only those passages from the Passage List document.

Added new visual filter “Sympathetic search results”.

  • It is not enabled by default, and is only an option in word numbered resources (e.g. original language Bibles or modern Bibles with reverse interlinears).
  • This filter will map the hits in the searched resources to other word numbered resources that were not searched.
    • Searching All Resources won’t show sympathetic search results
    • This enables searching an original language Bible but seeing the results in a modern translation (if it has a reverse interlinear.) This is especially significant if the word order is important to your search.
  • If a panel has multiple resources, guest resources always show sympathetic search results for their host inline search, even when the visual filter is not enabled on the host resource.

Changed display for “Update on click” mode for the Corresponding Words visual filter to be a clearer setting.
Fixed issue where the Corresponding Words visual filter wasn’t being displayed in LDGNT even when enabled.
Fixed bug where the Corresponding Words Visual Filter was highlighting hyperlinks.

New Features

Context Menu

Added new Context Menu commands that add the ability to highlight short phrases and open a Morph search for the string of lemmas or a string of lemmas with morphology.

Added previous searches to the Resource Panel History section.

Interactive Resources

Added ‘Acts Part 2’ to the Narrative Character Maps Interactive.

Added phrase searching to the right click menu for a Morph Search.


Labels applied to Notes with attachment points will now display those labels in the Context Menu and Information tool for words in that text range.


Added the option Print as shown on screen and Print as minimized list when printing Passage Lists.

Resource Panel

Scrolling or moving through multiple resources in a linkset has been improved. The verses will now line up correctly across multiple Bibles.

Added ‘Send to Inline Search’ command to the Search panel’s panel menu, just after “Print/Export”.

  • This command will only appear when the search is run against a single resource.
  • A new panel will always open for this command, even if the resource panel is already open.
  • When there are multiple resources added to the results view (that is, in Verses view of Bible search) then the new panel opens with a multiview configuration that matches the version columns in the results view.

Visual Copy

Added functionality for recently used slides to move to the top of the list.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed issue where links to Bible Searches in the Phrases section would open only a blank Search panel. (Thread)


Fixed issue where adding resources to a Bibliography from “Add ... a collection” could crash the app on Mac. (Thread)

Copy Bible Verses

Fixed bug where formatting for Copy Bible Verse was blank if you didn’t have a custom format on Mac. (Thread)


Right-clicking and selecting “Copy” in the Ancient Literature, Cultural Concepts and Outlines sections will now correctly copy and paste the text. (Thread.)

Home Page

Fixed issue where the application update icon was clipped on the right side on Windows.

Fixed issue where Inline Search defaulted to “Verse” navigation in non-versified resources. (Thread)


When viewing a Reading Plan that’s behind schedule in Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), the ‘Behind’ image will now be correctly translated instead of appearing in English.


Fixed potential crash when adding a hyperlink in a Note on Mac. (Thread)

Passage Guide

The new Confessional Documents section is now properly added to Passage Guide by default. (Thread)

Passage Lists

Fixed potential crash when deleting Passage Lists. (Thread)


Fixed potential crash when trying to set print margins with a bad print driver.

Resource Panel

Fixed a bug where navigating to a different Parallel Resource and back reverted the initial resource’s view settings to default.
Fixed crash when using the Locator Bar to navigate Inline Search results in ESV. (Thread)
Fixed issue where navigating between resources in a collection via Parallel Resources would not persist the choice of collection. (Thread)
Fixed crash when right-clicking English (or any non-morph) text in a morph resource.
Fixed bug that caused the reformat search fields to appear in the resource information panel for LLS:46.30.16.(Thread.)
Fixed issue where the ESV would not automatically play the next audio when using Read Aloud with David Cochran Heath narrator.
Fixed bug that caused the resource information hover tip to not display when hovering over the tab title on Windows. (Thread.)

Fixed potential crash when running a search. (Thread)
Fixed crash when searching for “ANDEQUALS” inside phrase.
Fixed crash when dragging a search result to a Bibliography document. (Thread.)


Fixed issue with multiple Indexers listed in “Notifications and actions” settings on Windows 10. (Thread)
Prevented crash which could be caused by third-party adware VOTPrx64.dll.
Fixed issue where the updated splash screen on launch was significantly larger than the previous version. (Thread)

Visual Copy

Fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when zooming on Windows.
Fixed bug that caused the buttons for ‘Fit’ and ‘Actual’ to not work on Windows.

Word Lists

Fixed issue where adding to a Word List from “Add ...another word list” wouldn’t work on Mac.
Fixed bug where the contents of deleted Word Lists were removed before sync, resulting in blank word lists if undeleted from documents.logos.com. (Thread)

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