Logos 6.6 SR-1

Logos 6.6 SR-1 ( was released on September 25, 2015.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed issue where clicking the Clause Search hyperlink in the Clause Participants section would not display results. (Thread)


Fixed a bug that prevented some Mobile Ed courses from showing in the Courses tool. (Thread)


Fixed UI bug to better show that Sort by is a one time sort not a persistent sort on Mac. (Thread)

Resource Panel

Fixed issue where Columns setting wasn’t displaying properly with certain fonts (Calibri, Verdana, Comic Sans MS, Georgia, etc). (Thread)
Fixed crash when navigating to Psalms in LLS:CATHCOMMORCHARD.
Fixed bug where right and left arrow keys wouldn’t navigate to the next parallel resource. (Thread)
Fixed bug that caused the content in input text boxes in resources to be lost.
Fixed bug that caused the dropdown menu to select the translation in harmony resources to not work on Mac.

Word List

Fixed bug where scrolling would stop when a word list is in grid mode and scaling is above 100% on Mac. (Thread)

Visual Filters

Fixed bug where collapsing Visual Filters didn’t hide sub groups on Mac

Known Issues

Corresponding Words (Logos Now)

In order to fix an issue with resource display and column settings, we had to revert the fix for Corresponding Words visual filter moving the text wrapping on hover in some cases. (Thread) We are working on a solution that will fix both of these issues for a future release.

  • As a workaround for Corresponding Words, checking the option “Update on click” in the Visual Filter menu will prevent the selected word from shifting unexpectedly.

Logos 6.6

Logos Now

Items in this section are available with a Logos Now subscription. Improvements and bug fixes listed further down are freely available to all users.


Changed the refinements for Lemma and Root to use inclusive facets, displayed with checkboxes.

  • The list doesn’t change when a refinement is applied, and you can select multiple checkboxes to include desired results.
  • Added all morph fields as refinements to lemma and root concordances. Note this requires a concordance schema change, so concordances will be regenerated.

Breadcrumbs are now cleared when changing passages. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused some morph fields to be duplicated when the resource has multiple languages. For example in ESV, “Masculine” would show up twice, once for Greek and once for Hebrew/Aramaic.

Corresponding Words Visual Filter

A new Visual Filter that highlights all instances of a word on hover. This is useful for quickly picking out repeated vocabulary (and other word info factors) in all open resources.

  • Added support for the “Surface”, “Lemma”, “Root” and “Update on click” options.
  • With the visual filter enabled, hovering over a word highlights it and all words with all of the same specified properties.
  • If the “Corresponding words” is enabled on other panels in the current layout, the words are also highlighted in those panels, if visible.
  • New filter is off by default

Courses Tool

The Courses Tool integrates all of your mobile ed courses, allowing you to read and watch the course material in one combined panel.

  • You can easily swap between your courses via the “Courses” dropdown menu in the resource panel.
  • The course material is in a scrollable section in the lower part of the panel, and the corresponding video for the section will be in the top panel.
  • The Courses Tool automatically syncs the location of the video to the resource. Changing chapters will begin loading the next video. Videos do not automatically play.

Added corresponding resource information for courseware resources in About Support Info section.
Fixed the filtering in Courses dropdown menu to order by course number. (Thread.)
Added support for Visual Filters and Inline Search to the Courses tool.
Added a text size slider to the panel menu for Courses.

  • Known Issue: The slider currently does not increase video size on Mac, and incorrectly scales media player controls on Windows. There is a case for these issues.

Multiple Resources

Added the Multiple Resources button to the resource panel, allowing you to create your own customized polyglot bibles in one panel.

  • Click the Multiple Resource button (looks like ||| ) to open the dropdown menu. This includes a filter box to search for desired resources.
  • Clicking the checkbox next to a resource will add it to the panel.
  • Multiple resources can be toggled on/off while maintaining selections by checking the “Show multiple resources:” button at the top of the menu.
  • The initial resource is considered the “host”. Certain functions will only be performed on the host, regardless of additional bibles added:
    • Each resource has its own scrollbar, but only the host resource will navigate the other added resources.
    • Print/Export will only be performed on the host resource.
    • Ctrl/Cmd+F will only be performed on the host resource.
    • The Resource Information panel will only display information on the host resource.

Guest resources added to a host now share visual filters enabled on the host.
Added Cmd+Shift+M (for Mac) and Ctrl-Shift-M (for Windows) as keyboard shortcuts to toggle Multiple Resources on/off.
Filters entered in the Multiple Resource dropdown will now promote exact matches to the top of the list as elsewhere in the app.
Guest resources now share the Inline Interlinear settings of the Host resource.

Septuagint Manuscript Explorer

The Septuagint Manuscript Explorer is an interactive that allows you to explore all sorts of data about manuscripts of the Septuagint.

  • The interactive gathers information about various manuscripts used in the creation of the LXX Septuagint, including Language, Date, Contents, Rahlfs Group, and Holding Institutions.
  • See the About panel in the interactive for more detailed documentation on contents and scope.


Fixed bug that forced resource discovery on launch for Logos Now customers. (Thread and Thread)

All Logos 6 Users

The following items are available to all Logos 6 customers.

New Features

Cited By

The Cited By tool has been redesigned:

  • Newly created collections are no longer added by default. Instead, they can be added via the “Add” button.
  • The “Add” button replaced the collections list in the panel menu.
  • Collections can be dragged and dropped to reorder them.
  • The context menu for collections allows them to be collapsed and expanded, moved up or down, moved to the top or bottom, or removed.


Added the option to add Verbum 360 training to the Homepage sidebar.

Sermon Starter Guide

User-created Sermon labels will now appear in the Sermons section. (Thread.)


Added a link that restarts the software for automatic updates when clicking on the tool tip. Windows only.


Added Korean language options to the program.

Visual Filters

Added Apparatus indicators to Bible text only section for applicable resources.
The Visual Filters menu has been updated:

  • Added Find/Filter box to the Visual Filter options.
  • The categories for types of filters can now be collapsed and expanded.
  • Added the ability to collapse/expand all to the context menu for VF categories.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that caused the Clause Participants section to remove multiple results in single verse. (Thread.)


Fixed crash when opening Concordance to “OPENTEXTGRAPH” (OpenText.org Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament: Clause Analysis) resource.
Fixed crash when entering “Ctrl+F” while opening to a large resource such as the ESV.


Fixed bug that caused the sections alignment for the hyperlinks and plain text to be misaligned on Windows.


Fixed bug that did not allow Favorites to be added when having the Inline Search opened.


Fixed bug that caused the stars in the Commentaries section to no longer appear in Guides on Mac. (Thread.)


Fixed bug where program crashed when highlighting body and title for the Saints sidebar and right clicking. (Thread)
Updated the Faithlife Notifications tile to only display unread notifications. This means that the tile will hide itself (yet remain enabled in preferences) when every notification is read, and reappear when there is a new notification.


Adjusted the alignment for the Word Info Settings check boxes to be in line with the rest of the program.
Fixed bug which caused the program to crash when printing/exporting from the information panel on Mac.

Fixed bug where Inline Search didn’t automatically switch to a morph search when searching for Morph, Lemma or Root from the right click menu.


Fixed bug that caused a crash when closing unaccessed tabs from a saved layout.


Fixed bug that caused inverted sorting on the rating column.


Fixed a bug where switching from compact to full took a long time based on how long your notes are on Mac. (Thread)

Passage Guide

Fixed a bug where Location was not remembered after additional Commentary sections were added to the Passage Guide.
Fixed a bug where previewing a resource caused the software to crash.

Prayer List

Fixed a bug where numerically titled prayers weren’t sorted numerically.


Fixed bug that prevented changing margins more than once on Mac. (Thread)

Read Aloud

Fixed bug where Read Aloud didn’t respect speed selection when transitioning to a new chapter on Mac.
Fixed bug where Read Aloud unpaused itself when changing the speed of playback on Mac.
Fixed crash in the LEB resource when reading aloud with “Marv Allen” narrator in the New Testament.

Resource Panel

Fixed crash when trying to unhide a resource while running the app offline on Windows.
Fixed bug that caused the Support Info section text to disappear in resource information panel on Mac. (Thread.)

Fixed issue where running a Person search in Spanish from the context menu wasn’t returning results due to a malformed translated search string. (Thread)

Search Panel Clause

Added syntactic “complement” to Clause search. Here are some example search queries that only work on LHB resource:

  • complement:God
  • complement-lemma:אֱלֹהִים
  • complement-sense:deity

Added search query for role as null complement. Note: the “NULL” option only works for semantic roles like agent, patient, etc.
Added “null-complement:ANY” and “null-complement:NONE” to Clause Search.
Added “related-sense:” query that returns indirect senses.

Fixed bug where orange highlight was missing when Highlight this term in results is selected on Mac. (Thread)


Fixed bug where tool tip could not work correctly. (Thread)
Fixed bug where typing “Update Now” or “Update Resources” didn’t check for updates if your download window was constricted and Automatically Download Updates was turned on.

Visual Copy

Fixed bug where “Save as image” didn’t work when saving a collection of slides on Windows (Thread)

Visual Filters

Notes visual filters will be enabled when adding a note or applying markup from within the resource.

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