Logos 6.6 RC 2

Logos 6.6 RC 2 ( was released on September 16, 2015.

Logos Now


Fixed crash when opening the Community Notes while Courses tool was opened. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that forced resource discovery on launch for Logos Now customers. (Thread and Thread)

Bug Fixes


Fixed crash when entering “Ctrl+F” while opening to a large resource such as the ESV.


Fixed bug that caused the stars in the Commentaries section to no longer appear in Guides on Mac. (Thread.)

Read Aloud

Fixed bug that caused a crash when using the Marv Allen option for the Lexham English Bible.


Fixed bug where Table of Contents wouldn’t scroll when the Resource Font wasn’t sent to Default. (Thread)


Fixed bug that prevented changing margins more than once on Mac. (Thread)

Visual Filters

Fixed bug where software didn’t remember the expanded state of the Visual Filters options.

Logos Bible Software Wiki

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