Logos 6.6 RC 1

Logos 6.6 RC 1 ( was released on September 15, 2015.

Note: Due to performance concerns, Passage List visual filters have been disabled for 6.6 and will be improved for the 6.7 beta cycle.

Logos Now

Corresponding Words

Fixed bug that caused a crash if scrolling rapidly through the Faithlife Study Bible.

Multiple Resources

Added Cmd+Shift+M (for Mac) and Ctrl-Shift-M (for Windows) as keyboard shortcuts to toggle Multiple Resources on/off.
Filters entered in the Multiple Resource dropdown will now promote exact matches to the top of the list as elsewhere in the app.
Guest resources now share the Inline Interlinear settings of the Host resource.
Fixed bug that caused “Believer’s Study Bible” to not show up in the dropdown list because the keyboard apostrophe didn’t match the typographic apostrophe in the title. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused a crash when clicking on the + in the FSB when FSB is set as a guest resource. (Thread)

Bug Fixes


Fixed bug that caused the font slider in the Information tool to not work on Mac. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that prevented Tab or Command+G from selecting the Reference Box on Mac. (Thread)


Fixed a bug that moved the last word in a title to the next line. (Thread)
Fixed a bug that prevented spellcheck from functioning in Notes. (Thread and Thread)

Passage Guide

Fixed a bug where Location was not remembered after additional Commentary sections were added to the Passage Guide.
Fixed a bug where previewing a resource caused the software to crash.

Resource Panel

Fixed bug where the title of a resource with Multiple Resources enabled would list the additional books, even when the feature was toggled off. (Thread)

Fixed issue where running a Person search in Spanish from the context menu wasn’t returning results due to a malformed translated search string. (Thread)


Fixed bug where typing “Update Now” or “Update Resources” didn’t check for updates if your download window was constricted and Automatically Download Updates was turned on.

Visual Filters

Fixed display bug where options would stay enabled when a group was disabled on Mac.
Fixed bug where the Visual Filter options defaulted to collapsed after reopening the resource. (Thread)

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