Logos 6.6 Beta 4

Logos 6.6 Beta 4 ( was released on September 8, 2015.

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Corresponding Words Visual Filter

Fixed bug when hovering over a Bible verse or a footnote, the hover tip was not displayed on Mac.


Fixed bug that caused a crash the first time you open Courses on Mac. (Thread) (Thread)
Added support for Visual Filters and Inline Search to the Courses tool.
Added a text size slider to the panel menu for Courses.

  • Known Issue: The slider currently does not increase video size on Mac, and incorrectly scales media player controls on Windows. There is a case for these issues.

Multiple Resources

Guest resources added to a host now share visual filters enabled on the host.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that caused a crash when clicking on a search result that resides in a resource’s footnote. (Thread)

Bible Word Study

Fixed an issue where the selector for Grammatical or Semantic Roles wasn’t displayed if there were no results for the currently chosen view, even if the other did have results.


Fixed bug that caused the Community Tags section to be missing. (Thread.)


Personal Letter labeling is no longer missing from the Information Panel.

Fixed bug where Inline Search didn’t automatically switch to a morph search when searching for Morph, Lemma or Root from the right click menu.


Fixed a bug where switching from compact to full took a long time based on how long your notes are on Mac. (Thread)

Prayer List

Fixed a bug where numerically titled prayers weren’t sorted numerically.

Resource Panel

Fixed crash when clicking on a hyperlink in the footnote on Mac. (Thread, Thread and Thread.)

Visual Filters

Fixed bug that caused the Hebrew and Greek lemma suggestions to be displayed incorrectly in the dropdown menu on Mac.

Known Issues

Corresponding Words Visual Filter

Scrolling in Faithlife Study Bible (LLS:FSB) with the Corresponding Words Visual Filter turned on crashes the application.

Locked Resources

The program will crash if you open a locked resource (when it’s trying to display a preview).

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