Logos 6.6 Beta 3

Logos 6.6 Beta 3 ( was released on September 1, 2015.

Logos Now


Breadcrumbs are now cleared when changing passages. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused some morph fields to be duplicated when the resource has multiple languages. For example in ESV, “Masculine” would show up twice, once for Greek and once for Hebrew/Aramaic.


The resource title is now shown in the panel tab title.
Added corresponding resource information for courseware resources in About Support Info section.
Fixed bug that caused resource list selector in courses tool handle selected item incorrectly.
Courses in dropdown menu are now sorted alphabetically. (Thread.)
Fixed the filtering in Courses dropdown menu to order by course number. (Thread.)
Fixed bug when viewing the resource information panel the text “You don’t have any Logos Mobile Ed Courses yet. Visit the store to learn more.” would appear overlapping the text on Windows. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the audio to keep playing after closing the Courses Tool or just closing the program.
Removed the forward and back buttons in Courses media view on Windows.

Known Issues

  • Inline search and visual filters not yet enabled.

Multiple Resources

Fixed bug that caused slowness when filtering guest resources on Mac. (Thread)
Fixed bug where guest resources didn’t respect show locator bar setting from the panel menu.
Fixed bug where guest resources didn’t display on the resource tab if the resource name was truncated. (Thread)
Fixed bug that was preventing tool tip hover over when adding guest resources on Windows.

Known Issues

  • The available resources are listed alphabetically, and do not promote matches with a filter.
  • The added resources cannot have their width adjusted on Windows.
  • Multiple Resource settings should be preserved when saved as a layout, but aren’t currently. Saving a layout with multiple resources, and then changing your options will overwrite the layouts Multiple Resource preferences.
  • The guest resources do not currently share the host resource’s visual filters or inline interlinear display parts.

Corresponding Words Visual Filter

New color scheme.
Fixed bug that caused Corresponding words to highlight incorrect text ranges in LLS:EXGRKTST04TXT. (Thread.)
Fixed bug when the visual filter would cause visually noticeable word wrapping changes. (Thread.)

Known Issues

  • In specific cases, words that are hovered over may adjust to no longer be under the mouse cursor. If you experience this, a workaround is to toggle ‘Update on Click’ in the visual filter menu.

Bug Fixes


Fixed crash when opening Concordance to “OPENTEXTGRAPH” (OpenText.org Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament: Clause Analysis) resource.


Fixed bug that caused the sections alignment for the hyperlinks and plain text to be misaligned on Windows.

Home Page

Updated the Faithlife Notifications tile to only display unread notifications. This means that the tile will hide itself (yet remain enabled in preferences) when every notification is read, and reappear when there is a new notification.

Read Aloud

Fixed crash in the LEB resource when reading aloud with “Marv Allen” narrator in the New Testament.

Resource Panel

Fixed crash navigating to LLS:14.0.6 from LLS:NT221 resource then selecting “Done” in reading plan. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the panel menu option to select “Marv Allen” as a narrator to be greyed out in the LEB resource.

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