Logos 6.6 Beta 2

Logos 6.6 Beta 2 ( was released on August 25, 2015.

Logos Now


  • Added all morph fields as refinements to lemma and root concordances. Note this requires a concordance schema change, so concordances will be regenerated.

Known Issues (Beta 2)

  • Some morph fields are duplicated when the resource has multiple languages. For example in ESV, “Masculine” shows up twice, once for Greek and once for Hebrew/Aramaic. This will be fixed in beta 3.

Corresponding Words Visual Filter

  • The colors for Root and Surface have been swapped to better visually represent the strength of their correspondence.

Courses Tool

The Courses Tool integrates all of your mobile ed courses, allowing you to read and watch the course material in one combined panel.

  • You can easily swap between your courses via the “Courses” dropdown menu in the resource panel.
  • The course material is in a scrollable section in the lower part of the panel, and the corresponding video for the section will be in the top panel.
  • The Courses Tool automatically syncs the location of the video to the resource. Changing chapters will begin loading the next video. Videos do not automatically play.

Known Issues (Beta 2)

  • On Windows the video’s next & previous buttons allow you to navigate to the next video but do not sync the text resource’s position.
  • Inline search and visual filters not yet enabled.
  • On Windows, the text “You don’t have any Logos Mobile Ed courses yet. Visit the store to learn more.” appears behind the title of the about view.
  • The “courses” dropdown doesn’t track the selected course correctly.

Multiple Resources

Added the Multiple Resources button to the resource panel, allowing you to create your own customized polyglot bibles in one panel.
Note: This is a major change to the resource panel. If multi-view resources aren’t stable by the end of Beta 4, we may delay this feature from Stable for another beta cycle.

  • Click the Multiple Resource button (looks like ||| ) to open the dropdown menu. This includes a filter box to search for desired resources.
  • Clicking the checkbox next to a resource will add it to the panel.
  • Multiple resources can be toggled on/off while maintaining selections by checking the “Show multiple resources:” button at the top of the menu.
  • The initial resource is considered the “host”. Certain functions will only be performed on the host, regardless of additional bibles added:
    • Each resource has its own scrollbar, but only the host resource will navigate the other added resources.
    • Print/Export will only be performed on the host resource.
    • Ctrl/Cmd+F will only be performed on the host resource.
    • The Resource Information panel will only display information on the host resource.

Known Issues (Beta 2)

  • The performance of the Multiple Resource menu is slow on Mac.
  • The available resources are listed alphabetically, and do not promote matches with a filter.
  • The added resources cannot have their width adjusted on Windows.
  • Multiple Resource settings should be preserved when saved as a layout, but aren’t currently. Saving a layout with multiple resources, and then changing your options will overwrite the layouts Multiple Resource preferences.
  • The guest resources do not currently share the host resource’s visual filters or inline interlinear display parts.
  • Doing an Inline Search with a large number of results may cause the application to be unresponsive for a while

Septuagint Manuscript Explorer

The Septuagint Manuscript Explorer is an interactive that allows you to explore all sorts of data about manuscripts of the Septuagint.

  • The interactive gathers information about various manuscripts used in the creation of the LXX Septuagint, including Language, Date, Contents, Rahlfs Group, and Holding Institutions.
  • See the About panel in the interactive for more detailed documentation on contents and scope.

Bug Fixes

Resource Panel

Fixed crash when trying to unhide a resource while running the app offline on Windows.
Fixed bug that hid resource tabs when panel size was reduced on Mac. (Thread).
Fixed crash when using resource history on Mac.
Fixed bug that caused the Support Info section text to disappear in resource information panel on Mac. (Thread.)
Fixed crash when navigating to a panel which hasn’t yet been initialized. (Thread.)


Fixed crash when unhiding a resource while app is offline on Windows.


Fixed a crash when displaying a video in Factbook.
Fixed a crash related to reading plans that are behind schedule.

Visual Filter

Fixed a bug that caused Information to not update when set to hover and using the Corresponding Words filter. (Thread)
Fixed bug that prevented Speaker and Addressee icons to not display when using the Corresponding Words filter. (Thread).

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