Logos 6.6 Beta 1

Logos 6.6 Beta 1 ( was released on August 18, 2015.

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Changed the refinements for Lemma and Root to use inclusive facets, displayed with checkboxes.

  • The list doesn’t change when a refinement is applied, and you can select multiple checkboxes to include desired results.

Known Issues

  • The refinements for Root and Lemma do not appear on Mac. This will be fixed in a future Beta.
  • The refinements don’t change when switching resources, This is fixed in a future Beta.

Corresponding Words Visual Filter

A new Visual Filter that highlights all instances of a word on hover. This is useful for quickly picking out repeated vocabulary (and other word info factors) in all open resources.

  • Added support for the “Surface”, “Lemma”, and “Root” options. (More options coming in a future beta.)
  • With the visual filter enabled, hovering over a word highlights it and all words with all of the same specified properties.
  • If the “Corresponding words” is enabled on other panels in the current layout, the words are also highlighted in those panels, if visible.
  • New filter is off by default

Visual Filter

Added the ability to use Passage Lists as Visual Filters. Setting a PL as a filter will display a resource view limited to the passages from the list.

New Features

Cited By

The Cited By tool has been redesigned:

  • Newly created collections are no longer added by default. Instead, they can be added via the “Add” button.
  • The “Add” button replaced the collections list in the panel menu, so it is no longer present.
  • Collections can be dragged and dropped to reorder them.
  • The context menu for collections allow them to be collapsed and expanded, moved up or down, moved to the top or bottom, or removed.


Added the option to add Verbum 360 training to the Homepage sidebar.

Sermon Starter Guide

User-created Sermon labels will now appear in the Sermons section. (Thread.)


Added a link that restarts the software for automatic updates when clicking on the tool tip. Windows only.


Added Korean language options to the program.

Visual Filters

Added Apparatus indicators to Bible text only section for applicable resources.
The Visual Filters menu has been updated:

  • Added Find/Filter box to the Visual Filter options.
  • The categories for types of filters can now be collapsed and expanded.
  • Added the ability to collapse/expand all to the context menu for VF categories.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug that caused the Clause Participants section to remove multiple results in single verse. (Thread.)


Fixed bug that did not allow Favorites to be added when having the Inline Search opened.


Fixed bug where program crashed when highlighting body and title for the Saints sidebar and right clicking. (Thread)


Adjusted the alignment for the Word Info Settings check boxes to be in line with the rest of the program.
Fixed bug which caused the program to crash when printing/exporting from the information panel on Mac.


Fixed bug that caused a crash when closing unaccessed tabs from a saved layout.


Fixed bug that caused inverted sorting on the rating column.

Read Aloud

Fixed bug where Read Aloud didn’t respect speed selection when transitioning to a new chapter on Mac.
Fixed bug where Read Aloud unpaused itself when changing the speed of playback on Mac.
The red text in The Expositor’s Study Bible (LLS:EXPSTDYBBL) will no longer be skipped when reading aloud on Windows.

Search Panel Clause

Added syntactic “complement” to Clause search. Here are some example search queries that only work on LHB resource:

  • complement:God
  • complement-lemma:אֱלֹהִים
  • complement-sense:deity

Added search query for role as null complement. Note: the “NULL” option only works for semantic roles like agent, patient, etc.
Added “null-complement:ANY” and “null-complement:NONE” to Clause Search.
Added “related-sense:” query that returns indirect senses.

Fixed bug where orange highlight was missing when Highlight this term in results is selected on Mac. (Thread)


Fixed bug where tool tip could not work correctly. (Thread)

Visual Copy

Fixed bug where “Save as image” didn’t work when saving a collection of slides on Windows (Thread)

Visual Filters

Notes visual filters will be enabled when adding a note or applying markup from within the resource.

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