Logos 6.5 SR-1

Logos 6.5 SR-1 ( was released on August 26, 2015.

Bug Fixes

Bible Word Study

Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when doing a right click in a resource and then selecting Bible Word Study.

Data Types

Updated datatypes for resource support.


Fixed bug where bad Bibliography documents caused the software to crash. (Thread)


Updated launch sequence to prevent more 3rd party bad DLL files from crashing the program. This only affected Windows users.

Logos 6.5

Logos Now

Items in this section are available with a Logos Now subscription. Improvements and bug fixes listed further down are freely available to all users.


Hovering over a reference hyperlink will show a preview and clicking on it will navigate to the reference. (Thread.)
Added Works Cited, which lists citations used in a resource. (Thread)

  • includes resource jumps and biblio references
  • all headings are rendered as biblio citations with author, title, etc.
  • add check box for “Omit locked resources” which is checked by default.

Added cover images for resources when running a search in Concordance for Works Cited.

Greek Grammatical Constructions Dataset

Updated the Greek Grammatical Constructions dataset with new searchable metadata.

Information Panel

Added data that will appear as Labels in the Information panel under Other References section for Book of Psalms.


Added a new interactive, Names of God.

  • The interactive lists the ways that God the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are referred to, according to Faithlife’s referent dataset. Facets include language, speaker, literary type, and people/places/things also mentioned in the verse.

Old Testament Propositional Outlines

Added propositional outlines to the book of Job and Psalms.

Visual Filters

Data that indicates who was being spoken to (the addressee) in each instance of reported speech is now available.

  • Adds a new “Addressees labels” visual filter that shows the addressee icon in the same location that the speaker icons go.
  • Searching for addressees is done using the label syntax {Addressee <%datatype %entity>}. For example: {Addressee <Person Jesus>}.
  • Addressees are shown in the Other References section in the Information Panel.
  • Added to the context menu under the Speaker.

All Logos 6 Users

The following items are available to all Logos 6 customers.

New Features


Added a Text Comparison link to the Translation section.
Added Gloss to Definition settings. (Thread)
Added Sermon Themes section.
Added Community Tags section.
Added new data to the Other References section:

  • Dates
  • Speakers
  • Timeline Events
  • Topics
  • Factbook Events

Updated Footnotes section to display the next 5 footnotes within the next 500 characters. (Thread)
Updated styling for the Footnotes section.
Updated indentation for child items on Mac.
Added lemma to Definition section in Information for “gloss” option. (Thread)
Added option to expand/collapse all sections in Information Panel.


Added a message stating that there is not enough free space when the hard drive is too full for the indexer to finish.

Added the ability to see search history for inline searches just like in the search panel.

  • Resources have a drop-down menu to the right of the arrows on the right side of the toolbar.
  • The drop-down menu shows panel history and allows users to choose an arbitrary history location to come back to

Resource Panel

Updated notification message from “You don’t have a license to view this resource” to “This resource is not yet installed” while we are still downloading the resources.

Your Documents Search Results

Search results in the “Your Documents” section of Basic Search can now be expanded to show previews of the search hits.
Previews are currently enabled for the following document types:

  • Clippings
  • Bibliographies
  • Guides
  • Notes
  • Prayer Lists

Added view modes Type and Title to user document search results.

Bug Fixes


Entering “update now” or “update resources” will no longer start a download if you have Automatically Download Updates set to “No”. It will require confirmation from the notification, as usual. (Thread)

Fixed issue which caused double-letter footnote indicators to break search results for multiple words in quotes in KJV1900, e.g. “spiritual songs”. (Thread)

  • Note: Run the command “reindex KJV1900” to reindex the resource and get these proper search results.

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug where the auto complete to respect the infinitive version of the word in German.
Fixed bug causing incorrect results in Clause Participants section. (Thread)
Fixed bug where Clause Search hyperlinks were incorrect for Semantic Roles.
Fixed bug that did not show an orange indicator next to the lemma in the Root section in Bible Word Study on Mac. (Thread.)

Fixed bug that caused a crash when doing a long search.


Fixed crash on Reference when expanding data type on a specific passage range.

Exegetical Guide

Fixed clipped text in Lemma Info card in the Word by Word section.

End User License Agreement

Updated the EULA to reflect Logos Cloud.


Fixed bug that caused the “more >>” hyperlink in Sermons section to not work when selected.


Fixed issue which prevented citation footnotes from being included when pasting text into certain word processors on Mac. (Thread)
Fixed display issue preventing footnote superscript from showing in resource previews. (Thread)


Removed Help panel since the updated Help file is available and best viewed as a Logos resource. All prior shortcuts and history items should open the Help resource from now on. (Thread.)

Home Page

Fixed crash when opening application to Home Page on startup. (Thread.)
Resolved a sync error when syncing a reading plan with homepage open.
Verbum Getting Started tile correctly shows Logos 6 instead of 5. (Thread.)
Fixed bug where Faithlife Notifications could crash the software. (Thread, Thread, Thread)
Fixed bug where the Resources Updated message was inaccurate when downloading in batches. (Thread, Thread, Thread)
Added the Faithlife Notifications tile back to the Home Page.


Fixed potential bug that would cause the indexer to become deadlocked.
Fixed bug that caused a crash when the Index was corrupted.


Fixed an issue which could cause the Information panel text to not resize properly when changing the text zoom up and back down.
Reduced extra spacing in the Definition Settings section.
Resolved a capitalization bug in the Translation section.
Fixed crash in Other References section when missing the Biblical People resource. (Thread.)
Removed tabs from previews in Footnotes section.
Fixed bug where Information panel paired with Word by Word caused a crash on Mac.
Fixed bug where Definition settings didn’t filter when specifying a resource on Windows.
Removed duplicate results from same resource in information panel.
Fixed bug where program crashed keylinking on headword with neutral language in Definition section.
Fixed bug to treat book guide labels normally

Fixed bug that excluded the search range in Search History.

Interactive Resources

Fixed bug that caused the INTERACTIVE:PSALMS-BROWSER-ES and INTERACTIVE:PSALMS-BROWSER to open up as blank. This is fixed in the new resource version: 2015-07-20T18:19:35Z.
Fixed bug that caused slowness on Psalms Browser bubble animation.


Fixed bug where program crashed when trying to open a saved layout with 3 or more concordances.
Clicking on the arrow in Layouts menu will now save Layout name on Mac. (Thread.)


Fixed crash on 32-bit Windows 7 OS when collapsing the main sort with a grouped sub-sort in Library. (Thread)
Fixed crash when opening Library on Windows. (Thread.)
Fixed bug related to notification icon not disappearing after renewable licenses expire.


Text in the Support Info section in Information panel in the Atlas, Timeline, Factbook and Bible Sense Lexicon now supports selecting to be able to copy and paste.
Fixed issue that caused the application to crash with the latest version of El Capitan. (Thread.)

Morphology Charts

Fixed crash when searching in a non-morph resource. (Thread.)

Passage Guide

Fixed crash when using Open x resources in (Preferred Bible) link in the Cross References section.
Fixed bug where date was missing from Sermons section. (Thread and Thread).


Fixed bug that caused printing to not work on Windows 10. (Thread.)
Fixed bug that caused the program to hang when printing/exporting and using a Screen Reader. (Thread)
Fixed bug that provided an error when exporting to Word when Word was closed on Mac.

Reading plan

Fixed bug where changed on the android mobile app could crash the program. (Thread.)

Resource Panel

Fixed bug when right-clicking on a word in a Bible and choosing “Search this resource (inline)” would open a new panel. Now it will replace the current inline search results in the resource panel.

Fixed the “Logos Help” links for each category of Search. (Thread)


Fixed bug that caused the notification “Installing application update.” to disappear during the application update on Windows.


Updated launch sequence to prevent 3rd party bad DLL files from crashing the program. This only affected Windows users.

Text Comparison

Fixed bug where text was cut off when the panel was set to a specific size. (Thread, Thread, Thread)


When a new resource is downloaded and discovered, the metadata for that resource will now automatically start updating without having to restart the application. (Thread.)

Visual Copy

Fixed bug that caused Tony Evans slides to not appear at the top of the list when quoting from his resources. (Thread.)

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