Logos 6.5 RC 1

Logos 6.5 RC 1 ( was released on August 3, 2015.

Bug Fixes

End User License Agreement

Updated the EULA to reflect Logos Cloud.

Home Page

Fixed crash when opening application to Home Page on startup. (Thread.)


Clicking on the arrow in Layouts menu will now save Layout name on Mac. (Thread.)

Passage Guide

Fixed bug where date was missing from Sermons section. (Thread and Thread).


Fixed bug that provided an error when exporting to Word when Word was closed on Mac.

Reading plan

Fixed bug where changed on the android mobile app could crash the program. (Thread.)

Fixed the “Logos Help” links for each category of Search. (Thread)


Fixed bug that caused the resource download to fail on Mac. (Thread.)

Visual Copy

Fixed bug that caused Tony Evans slides to not appear at the top of the list when quoting from his resources. (Thread.)

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