Logos 6.5 Beta 4

Logos 6.5 Beta 4 ( was released on July 27, 2015.

Logos Now


Added a new interactive, Names of God.

  • The interactive lists the ways that God the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit are referred to, according to Faithlife’s referent dataset. Facets include language, speaker, literary type, and people/places/things also mentioned in the verse.

New Features

Added view modes Type and Title to user document search results.

Resource Panel

Added Search History to Inline Search

Bug Fixes

Removed extra space on My Document searches when saved Guides have no title.
Removed extra spacing when Prayer List item has no notes and no answer on My Document searches.
Added a space when repeated words on different lines are listed in search results for My Document searches.

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug causing incorrect results in Clause Participants section. (Thread)
Fixed bug where Clause Search hyperlinks were incorrect for Semantic Roles.
Fixed bug that did not show an orange indicator next to the lemma in the Root section in Bible Word Study on Mac. (Thread.)

Fixed bug that caused a crash when doing a long search.


Fixed bug where Resource Panels had incorrect History when using Inline Search.


Fixed bug that caused a crash when the Index was corrupted.


Fixed bug where Information panel paired with Word by Word caused a crash on Mac.
Fixed bug where Definition settings didn’t filter when specifying a resource on Windows.
Removed duplicate results from same resource in information panel.
Fixed bug where program crashed keylinking on headword with neutral language in Definition section.
Fixed bug to treat book guide labels normally

Fixed bug that excluded the search range in Search History.

Interactive Resources

Fixed bug that caused the INTERACTIVE:PSALMS-BROWSER-ES and INTERACTIVE:PSALMS-BROWSER to open up as blank. This is fixed in the new resource version: 2015-07-20T18:19:35Z.
Fixed bug that caused slowness on Psalms Browser bubble animation.


Fixed bug where program when trying to open a saved layout with 3 or more concordances.


Fixed crash on 32-bit Windows 7 OS when collapsing the main sort with a grouped sub-sort in Library. (Thread)
Fixed crash when opening Library on Windows. (Thread.)
Fixed bug related to notification icon not disappearing after renewable licenses expire.


Fixed bug that caused the program to hang when printing/exporting and using a Screen Reader. (Thread)

Resource Panel

Fixed bug when right-clicking on a word in a Bible and choosing “Search this resource (inline)” would open a new panel. Now it will replace the current inline search results in the resource panel.

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