Logos 6.5 Beta 3

Logos 6.5 Beta 3 ( was released on July 20, 2015.

New Features


Added a message stating that there is not enough free space when the hard drive is too full for the indexer to finish.

Resource Panel

Updated notification message from “You don’t have a license to view this resource” to “This resource is not yet installed” while we are still downloading the resources.

Bug Fixes


Entering “update now” or “update resources” will no longer start a download if you have Automatically Download Updates set to “No”. It will require confirmation from the notification, as usual. (Thread)

Fixed bug where a document search would display invalid characters in previews.
Fixed bug that removed a space between text in document search results
Fixed bug that caused a crash when opening a Handout from a My Documents search Mac only.

  • Note: If you still see Handouts in a My Documents search, create a new note file and wait 2 minutes for it to auto index before trying again.

Fixed issue which caused double-letter footnote indicators to break search results for multiple words in quotes in KJV1900, e.g. “spiritual songs”. (Thread)

  • Note: Run the command “reindex KJV1900” to reindex the resource and get these proper search results.

Bible Word Study

Fixed bug where the auto complete to respect the infinitive version of the word in German.


Fixed potential bug that would cause the indexer to become deadlocked.


Fixed issue that caused the application to crash with the latest version of El Capitan. (Thread.)

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