Logos 6.5 Beta 2

Logos 6.5 Beta 2 ( was released on July 13, 2015.

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Added “Omit locked resources” for the Works Cited option, which is checked by default, on Mac.
Added cover images for resources when running a search in Concordance for Works Cited.

Visual Filters

Data that indicates who was being spoken to (the addressee) in each instance of reported speech is now available.

  • Adds a new “Addressees labels” visual filter that shows the addressee icon in the same location that the speaker icons go.
  • Searching for addressees is done using the label syntax {Addressee <%datatype %entity>}. For example: {Addressee <Person Jesus>}.
  • Addressees are shown in the Other References section in the Information Panel.
  • Added to the context menu under the Speaker.



Added lemma to Definition section in Information for “gloss” option. (Thread)
Added option to expand/collapse all sections in Information Panel.

Added the ability to see search history for inline searches just like in the search panel.

  • Resources have a drop-down menu to the right of the arrows on the right side of the toolbar.
  • The drop-down menu shows panel history and allows users to choose an arbitrary history location to come back to

Sorted search results for Your Documents by the order in your documents.
Add search result previews for Bibliographies and Guides.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug where all clipping titles were listed as ‘Untitled’ when searching ‘Your Resources’.


Omitted self-referencing footnotes from Works Cited. (Thread)
Fixed Works Cited crash in LLS:RTDOCTWRNGTX and LLS:14.0.20. (Thread.)
Fixed crash on Reference when expanding data type on a specific passage range.


Fixed bug where Faithlife Notifications could crash the software. (Thread, Thread, Thread)
Fixed bug where the Resources Updated message was inaccurate when downloading in batches. (Thread, Thread, Thread)
Added the Faithlife Notifications tile back to the Home Page.


Removed tabs from previews in Footnotes section.

Morphology Charts

Fixed crash when searching in a non-morph resource. (Thread.)

Text Comparison

Fixed bug where text was cut off when the panel was set to a specific size. (Thread, Thread, Thread)

Visual Filters

Fixed bug where non-applicable resources were available to select on all resources. (Thread)

Known Issues

Opening a Handout from a My Documents search will cause the program to crash. Only affects Mac users.

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