Logos 6.4 SR-1

Bug Fixes


Fixed crash on launch when starting the application on Mac from the old alias Dock icon. Using the alias Dock icon will now properly launch the app, and the alias will be removed upon next launch. (Thread.)

  • Note: With this change, it is no longer necessary to run the app from the Applications folder after updating to 6.4.


Removed LLS:ALFGRKNTTXT from the Cross References section, as its notes are primarily based on vocabulary rather than thematic. (Thread)


Fixed crash caused by running a search for “John Wesley” while app was in offline mode.

Home Page

Fixed crash when opening Home Page on startup. (Thread)

Media Resources

Fixed issue where LLS:EASYFORUSAY would repeat the pronounced word for each time it has been clicked. (Thread)
Fixed issue where the WebCache folder would continue to grow in size each time a video resource was played. (Thread and Thread.)

Logos 6.4

Logos Now

Items in this section are available with a Logos Now subscription. Improvements and bug fixes listed further down are freely available to all users.

Before and After: Biblical Sites (Volume 2) Interactive

Added 4 new before and after images: (Thread.)

  • Ephesus Odeon
  • Altar of Zeus
  • Temple of Dionysus
  • Temple of Artemis.


Added the ability to run a Concordance on References made in a resource.
Added support for user-defined reference ranges.
Clicking one facet with multiple enabled on Mac will now set that facet as the only filter, to match Windows and desired behavior.
Ctrl+F/Cmd+F have been enabled for quickly finding a desired word in Concordance.
Fixed issue where the count for Concordance could be incorrect when searching within a limited range of references. (Thread)
Open resources will now be placed at the top of the list when selecting a resource.
Word refinement options that don’t apply are now hidden.
Word Concordance’s Combine word forms feature now supports Greek and Hebrew.

Narrative Character Maps Interactive (Volume 2)

Narrative Character Maps present the Bible’s familiar story arcs with a new visual perspective that makes sense of complex interweaving narratives. Color-coded character lines elegantly present the geographic location of key players through time. Volume 2 adds maps of Abraham, Isaac and the events depicted in 1 Samuel. (Thread.)

New Testament Manuscript Interactive

The new interactive allows you to explore all sorts of data about manuscripts. It is not about finding a particular reading of a particular verse, but more about learning about particular manuscripts or groups of manuscripts — learning about a library of manuscripts, not about readings within a manuscript. (Thread.)

Systematic Theology

Added a new Systematic Theology section to the default Passage Guide, structured similarly to the Grammars section. (Thread.)

  • This section is a classification of Biblical cross references to works of Systematic Theology. It can be sorted by Subject or Resource.
  • Sorting by Subject will group the results by relevant study, and then tradition a level below that.
  • Sorting by Resource will group the resources under their respective tradition, and then study.
  • Regardless of sort type, hovering over the title of a particular study will give a brief description of what the study is.

All Logos 6 Users

The following items are available to all Logos 6 customers.



Added a working indicator to the right of the toolbar when maps are downloading, including loading the various zoom levels.

Command Box

Added the “delete unlicensed resources” command, which can be used to delete resource files which have been downloaded but locked (such as from leaving the Logos Cloud trial) to free up disk space. (Thread)

Context Menu

Community Tags in a selection are now listed in their own section of the context menu, to differentiate from system-tagged entities.
If there is a Notes document with the same title as the current resource, then “Add a note to (Resource Title)” will appear in the context menu as the first item.


Added Copy functionality for Factbook sections, accessed by right-clicking on a section heading.
Events are now sorted canonically.


Gestures can now be toggled on or off. They are off by default, and can be toggled by entering set use gestures to yes/no in the Command Box.


Icons next to rich text links allow hover and click in the following Guide sections:

  • Biblical Events, People, Places, Things
  • Root
  • Phrases


Added the option to save Highlights in Resource-specific notes files. This allows you to view all highlights on a particular resource in one Note, regardless of style used.

  • This can be enabled individually for any palette from the options menu on the right side of the palette header, under “Save in:”.
  • To save highlights using the old method, select “Palette-specific notes file”.

Home Page

Added the “Logos Training Videos” tile to the Home Page, which provides links to different Faithlife-produced training videos for Logos 6 features.
Added Morris Proctor training video tile “QuickStart for Logos 6” to the sidebar of Home Page. (Requires LLS:MPTRNVID resource)
Added the “Faithlife Notifications” tile to the Home Page. This displays the three most recent notifications from your Faithlife.com profile, with a link to open more. (Thread)

  • Note that you must have Notifications enabled in your Account Settings for these to appear on the Home Page.


The Information tool has been revamped, granting much better display and control over the information provided.

  • Information is now grouped into sections that can be added or removed, expanded or collapsed, and reordered by drag and drop. Settings can be changed by hovering over the section header (not all sections have settings).
  • In the Definition section settings you can now specify a specific resource for the surface definition in addition to lemmas.
  • The Footnotes section has the option to display the text of any references present in the footnotes.
  • Formatting of the Word Info section is structured similarly to the Context Menu for Lemma, Root, Sense, etc.
  • Update on hover or click moved to the panel menu.

Visual Copy “smart art” will now be shown under “Media Collections” in Media Search. This will allow searching for images by title, keyword in the description, etc.

Personal Book Builder

When a PBB library has no books in it, the application displays a message with a link to the website to find out more how to build your first personal book.

Program Settings

Renamed “Smart Text Selection” to “Text Selection” and added a dropdown menu to be able to select the different types “Character, Word or Smart”.

  • Character: Selects text one character at a time
  • Word: Snaps text selection to word boundaries (default)
  • Smart: Snaps text selection to “smart” text boundaries (phrase, verse, sentence, and paragraph).

Resource Information

Support Info in the Resource Information panel and the Library info pane will now be selectable and copyable on Mac.


Added the Sermons section to Factbook and Topic Guide.

Visual Copy

Added subtitle to Visual Copy items in Favorites and History panels.
Added warning when the selected text sent to Visual Copy is too large to fit in the slide.
Stock and static images now export in the highest resolution available.

Bug Fixes


Scanning resources that are currently pending download will now check after resource discovery and remove any downloads no longer necessary. (Thread)
Fixed issue where the “Updating Library Catalog” notification in Library didn’t go away after an application update. (Thread)
Running “update resources” after a license has expired (such as those from the Logos Cloud trial) will now properly remove pending downloads from the download queue. (Thread, Thread)

Copy Bible Verses

Fixed a bug where Copy Bible Verses wasn’t respecting the set Hebrew Font. (Thread)


Doing a Ctrl or Cmd F in Concordance now supports searching for symbols in the headers. (Thread)


Added the functionality to add a highlight to a Resource-specific note file.
Fixed a bug preventing resource-specific highlighting if a document already exists.


Updated Prayer List and Reading Plan headers to match the standard format.
Fixed bug that caused the online only items (Recent Reading Lists and Verse of the Day) to show up in Home Page settings when app was running offline.


The Copy and Add buttons will no longer be enabled when there is no information to copy or sections to add.


Ctrl+Z/Cmd+Z now properly Undo changes in the Library when editing multiple resources (tags, ratings, etc).
Added a column option for License type comparing temporary and full. This will help identify Logos Cloud and Logos Now resources. (Thread)
Fixed issue when saving Library as Collection or Bibliography did not work. (Thread)
Fixed issue when a collection couldn’t be saved while an unsaved collection was opened. (Thread)


Fixed crash on launch for users who had a shortcut from the Logos 4 Alpha. (Thread, Thread)


Fixed issue where references on Notes were not being displayed after the first page when using Print/Export. (Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread)

Reading Plan

Creating a predefined Reading Plan, closing it, and reopening it from the Documents list no longer changes its name to “5 Days on Spiritual Growth”.

  • Note: Existing plans will still exhibit the previous behavior. New plans will work correctly.

Search Panel Basic

Factbook section in Everything search now shows the top five results then “Search Factbook” link that will open a new Search panel to display all results.

Search Panel Media

Fixed bug that caused the Atlas results to not display when selecting Maps in Search dropdown.

Visual Filters

Fixed bug that caused the visual filter options to not gray out when the parent filter was disabled on Mac. (Thread.)
Automatically truncate long named documents in the visual filter dropdown and added hover over tooltip on Windows. (Thread)


Fixed issue where the Roman Missal resource wasn’t opening as part of the default Lectionary Layout. (Thread)

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