Logos 6.4 Beta 4

Logos 6.4 Beta 4 ( was released on June 8, 2015.


Command Box

Added the “delete unlicensed resources” command, which can be used to delete resource files which have been downloaded but locked (such as from leaving the Logos Cloud trial) to free up disk space. (Thread)

Context Menu

If there is a Notes document with the same title as the current resource, then “Add a note to (Resource Title)” will appear in the context menu as the first item.


Gestures have been reinstated, and can now be toggled on or off. They are off by default, and can be toggled by entering set use gestures to yes/no in the Command Box.

Bug Fixes


Doing a Ctrl or Cmd F in Concordance now supports searching for symbols in the headers. (Thread)

Copy Bible Verses

Fixed a bug where Copy Bible Verses wasn’t respecting the set Hebrew Font. (Thread)


The Systematic Theologies guide section now searches “All Systematic Theologies” instead of “All Resources”. (Thread.)


Added the functionality to add a highlight to a Resource-specific note file.


Updated Prayer List and Reading Plan headers to match the standard format.


Added icons for other references in the Info panel, such as Cultural Concepts, People, Place, etc.

  • Known issue: The Cultural Concept icon is too large on Mac.

Added option to toggle the Manuscript information in Word Info on/off.
Fixed a missing emdash character in the Information tool on Mac.
The Copy and Add buttons will no longer be enabled when there is no information to copy or sections to add.
Fixed issue that caused the resource links in the Translation section to not be verse specific.

Visual Filters

Automatically truncate long named documents in the visual filter dropdown and added hover over tooltip on Windows. (Thread)

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