Logos 6.4 Beta 2

Logos 6.4 Beta 2 ( was released on June 1, 2015.

Beta 2 includes the framework changes for Mac needed to remove the alias from the Logos Dock icon. This will require you to remove your old Dock icon and make a new one from the Applications folder. The Dock icon should be fixed automatically in a later beta. Logos will not open from the aliased Dock icon in Beta 2.


Home Page

Added the “Logos Training Videos” tile to the Home Page, which provides links to different Faithlife-produced training videos for Logos 6 features.


The Information tool has been revamped, granting much better display and control over the information provided.

  • Information is now grouped into sections that can be added or removed, expanded or collapsed, and reordered. Each section has its own settings.
  • You can now specify a specific resource for the Definition in addition to Lemmas.
  • The Footnotes section has the option to display the text of any references present in the footnotes.
  • Formatting of the Word Info section is structured similarly to the Context Menu for Lemma, Root, Sense, etc.
  • Update on hover or click moved to the panel menu.

Known issues that will be fixed in a later beta:

  • Resource links in the Translation section are not verse specific.
  • Items in Other References are missing icons.

Resource Information

Support Info in the Resource Information panel and the Library info pane will now be selectable and copyable on Mac.

  • Known issue: Support info for those Tools that have Resource Information panels is not currently selectable.


Added the Sermons section to Factbook and Topic Guide.

Bug Fixes


Fixed issue where the “Updating Library Catalog” notification in Library didn’t go away after an application update. (Thread)


Fixed crash on launch for users who had a shortcut from the Logos 4 Alpha. (Thread, Thread)


Fixed issue where references on Notes were not being displayed after the first page when using Print/Export. (Thread, Thread, Thread, Thread)

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